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My friend Kate, owns a non-profit Animal Sanctuary. She has over 60 animals on her property, and most have been saved from slaughter. These animals have a second chance at life, and they get to spend their days hanging out with other furry friends.

I spent a day on her farm, meeting her adorable animals and taking a private yoga lesson on her horse. It was so nice to get outside of the city and be in nature.

Kate had a variety of animals on her farm. I thought I would share some cute pictures I captured of each animal.
All of her chickens run around freely. They are quite friendly and will even come up and sit near you.

This tortoise was very curious, and loved following me around. He was a rescue!

The funniest animals on her farm were the emus! These big birds had a personality of their own. They often like to play around with the horses by grabbing their tails.

Kate has over 5 horses! Some are big, and others are miniature. They live the good life hanging out in the pastures and horsing around.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of Kate's farm. I can't wait to go back again and meet all the furry friends again.

horse yoga2.jpg
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That's the kind of life I love! So far, I have only chickens and a wiener dog, but some day..... lol


Awww same here!!

Spectacular, your friend has a good heart, excellent photos


Yes she does! Her animals are so happy too! :)

I want a friend like this. Eheh so awesome. It looks like an amazing place for the animals.

Pretty cool adventure daddy-o.

Cute animals, I would not hurt them for food @karensuestudios

50+ animals? That's gradually turning to a zoo. Kate really has a nice heart.

I can imagine the joys those guys will have playing around freely.

BTW, I think mr. Tortoise 🐢 was following you around to see your acro display firsthand.

Your friend is a beautiful person . :)