The Sun has got his hat on and hes pretty hot 🌞🌻🌼A lovely day working in my garden. 🌞😊

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I woke up today with the sun beaming through my window, blue sky and no wind. Its gorgeous at the minute and supposed to last a few days. I think we have seen the last of the frost so today was gardening day.

Hubby was busy cleaning his 2 fish tanks out so to stay out of his way i shut myself off in the garden. I had everything i needed out there, an hour or so in the garden should do me good.

Its the perfect day to start on the next step, planting a few of my seedlings into bigger pots. I started planting the Sunflowers & 10ft Hollyhocks. I have the pots ready for the plants. I have filled 2 x pots Sunflowers 2 x Hollyhocks, these are lined up against the wall and greenhouse.


That's them in there new home, i have canes at the ready to support them for when they grow, hopefully they grow as tall as they are supposed to.

I now have more room to start planting more seeds, i have added more Sunflower seeds then tomorrow when my pods come from Amazon I'll add a few more Hollyhocks. Ive had to order another 100 pods, these are brilliant for planting seeds. You add water and watch them swell then once big enough you add a seed. This year is the 1st time ive used them, I'll be using them every year from now as they are brilliant. There's so easy and less mess.


I have a tray ready for these when they arrive, I'm probably going to need a lot more. Its either them or compost, i would definitely choose these little pods. I have 100 coming tomorrow.

Thats the first lot planted my flower seeds are doing great, it won't be looking before i have the Borage & Cornflower to re-pot.

The sun has lasted all day, its now quarter past 8 and its lovely outside, if this carries on I'll be out there enjoying my plants. Im worn out now, going for a shower then laying on the bed planning tomorrow. Heres a lovely surprise i found today.