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I have just been going through my photographs, i love to look back on the girls growing up and how much they have changed. I have found a few pictures my daughter Nichola drew when she was small... They really made me laugh,

My dad.png


My mother.png

Then I found this one, she loves to mess around on paint.

Sexy dad.jpg

Lots of memories, just wish i had taken 10 x as many photographs than i did, i would have loved to catch everything.

Thank you @son-of-satire

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She drew a lot better than I did when younger! I was all stick figures...thanks for the chuckle...


Thank you, She spent hours playing on paint on my ole laptop, so glad i saved these :)

I love the red hair that she gave you and the lovely shade of lipstick she gave your husband...🤣🤣🤣 Looking back at old photos is great! I do that periodically too just to see where we are now...


She really got my good side LOL :)

Going back to old memories that once made us smile always make us cry. I do not understand how kids grow up fast, because I am too young to experience that. But I have heard my parents say it many times. I hope you are proud of your children. :)

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She has talent...

Should become a cartoonist! :D




She needs a slap for making me look so miserable lol