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As most of you know I am on a break, things have been getting on top of me or should say Life has been getting on top of me, living with depression and pain gets me down at times. I have been on a break for a few days, I am trying to get myself involved with things again but have to do it slowly...


I am still sticking to my diet, doing OK with the odd blip but not putting any pressure on myself until i am feeling more positive, unfortunatly I cancelled another meditation class as i didn't have it in me to sit with a class full of people.

Depression is very lonely.

I have a few health problems that don't help but over the last few weeks I have been really concerned about pain in my right breast, it was really sore that I couldn't touch it so had to go to the Doctors to get things checked, at times like this we always think of the worst outcome especially when my mother had breast cancer twice.


I searched online for information, using all the tools to find out as much as i could. I was worried and hoped the pain would subside but it didn't it got worse at times so I made an appointment at the Doctors. This on top of how i was feeling brought me down more. Thankfully the Doctor couldn't find a lump so gave me the option of antibiotics or a visit to the hospital (because of my mother having had breast cancer) I opted for the antibiotics. I have been taken these massive tablets 4 times a day for 3 days (have to take them for a week) and the pain has gone, so looks like its on the mend. I have to go back to the Doctors once the medication is finished to see whether a hospital appointment is needed. Don't think that will be happening. :)

Now my main focus is the depression, taking one day at a time, looking after myself and not letting things get to me. Focusing on now and not the past or future. The Mindfulness Meditation does help me relax and more in tune with whats going on now. Spending time in the garden with my dogs, keeping my mind active with positive things that i am doing such as my gardening, plans for next years garden and my 3 gorgeous pups...

Everything else can look after itself.

Thank you @son-of-satire

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Don't forget that you have your own source of antibiotics now. If you use it, you don't need any massive horse pills!




I do. I always have a bottle made up ready :)

It is a better day tomorrow, sketch/draw out next years back garden, what sizes for easy access, reach for weeding etc. how the slave is going to build it for you etc.
Look up at the clouds and find the funniest shaped one, then watch it change.
Start a new series " funniest cloud I saw today"


Good idea but there's no clouds I the sky today, think we are in for a storm. I'm definitely going to sort my garden out. Found a planter that would fit in the garden lovely but would then lose my space for storing.


bugger, don't you hate it when that happens.
you still have a spare bedroom, as a thought.


That's for hubby lol

I'm sorry that you are having some tough times. Gardening helps me too. It always makes me feel better.


Thank you. Gardening helps keep my mind focused :)

Best thing is what you are doing. Talking about it and keeping busy. :-)


Thank you. I am trying :)

Yes, Ma'am! One day at a time! No pressure!


Thank you :)

I'm very sorry for what you're going through dear friend @ karenb54
I hope better soon
happy rest


Thank you, :)

My dear Karen, I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I know how it is ... One day the doctor told me about such suspicions. I went out, sat down on a bench and I did not want to move or speak or think. Fortunately, everything turned out okay. But I still remember that terrible feeling.


Thank you hun, it is a scary thought when it could be you. Thankfully the pain has eased so sounds more an infection, don't know how i got an infection there but glad the pain has gone. :)

You are on the right track, Karen. One day at a time. The garden has been your best therapy after your beautiful pups. Look for those rainbows. They will get better. You are doing so much better than when I first met you. You have come a long way, baby and don't you forget it!


Thank you. I have and that's down to you and other friends on here that have helped me :)