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Good evening lovely followers , it's been a while, I believe everyone is fine!. Last time, we talked about #Regrets, if they were good or bad, to which @leeart @skodie @nigtroy @debbynep and a few more, shared their amazing views.i must say I learnt a lot . What of you? You should check it out here👉 https://steemit.com/life/@karen-k/day-3-regrets-good-or-bad

Now ,back to today's question; have you experienced or seen any scenario of a forced maturity ? And what are your views on it. Do you think it's adviceable as a parent to leave your kids to handle stuffs which are way above them?

Yass! You know how we do it, great minds think alike, and they say sharing is caring.. let's #interact ..
Hit it! Waya say?

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Well it's definitely not good as a child to handle things way above your par grade (so to speak). It can break you and make you succeptible to quick temper and easy frustration or irrational thinking since you'd have to get a job that's totally not your responsibility done.

If you don't break and manage to endure and begin to handle the situation well, then it'll mean that you've changed. You'd have to change how you relate with people . You'd have to act like an adult so grown ups would listen and deal with you and your definitely begin to see your peers as beneath you since their thinking would be really childish to you.

But since not every home is the same, some kids are going to assume the responsibility of roles above them, especially the elderly ones in a situation were the parents are irresponsible or barely around, but still no kid should take on roles above them. It could make their childhood less fun since their childhood years would be spent being an adult.

At what age do we determine maturity? I think being "mature" is subjective. Some are more mature emotionally and others are more mature in practicality and survival. Some only matured physically but not mentally (I'm not talking about mentally challenged and physically challenged). There are those who can handle situations more maturely than others. I think maturity is a broad term. So it depends on which aspect we judge maturity.