When the moon does not rise/ Cuando no salga la luna VIDEO MUSICAL

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The Kantoría Cabudare Live.


When the moon does not rise

Today I present to you a publication in homage and thanks to an excellent group of students who were and are my friends rather than my students.
Today I present the audio and video of the song Cuando no salga la luna as a special dedication to the members of this musical group which I am proud to direct.

The Kantoría Cabudare

It is a musical group formed by young people from the state of Lara, Venezuela who come together to share a moment of their time doing good vocal musicals, in other words it is a Youth Choir.

A little bit of history

A decade ago this beautiful group was born, I saw it born literally in my hands, in my inspiration, in my breath, in my desire and above all with the talent and effort of many people.

When the moon doesn't rise

This song is one of the songs that has brought us the greatest satisfaction throughout our musical career, originally popularized by the Venezuelan group Vasallos del Sol

Our version

As a vocal group we wanted to give it a different sound, but without losing the essence of its Afro-Venezuelan roots. So we created a 4-voice arrangement (for mixed choir) and integrated one Cuatro Venezuelan , one drum and one box.

"Cuando no salga la luna,
cuando no canten los gallos, yo, te daré mi canto, mi canto será un cielo estrellado."/ "When the moon doesn't rise,
when the cocks don't crow, I'll, I'll give you my song, my song will be a starry sky."


The Video

This video was recorded by our friend Igor Ramones, who generously uploaded our video to his youtube account, we thank him infinitely as he is spreading the word about our work.

The Audio

The audio was uploaded by myself Gregory Ortiz @kantos to my Soundcloud account, as Director, Founder and Arranger of this vocal group I own the intellectual property on the audiovisual product.
I make this publication on this day as a tribute to each and every one of its members, to all who were, are and will forever be part of my Kantoria, part of the Agrupación Vocal Kantoría Cabudare or simply to all who always carry in their hearts La Kantoría
Soon I will be sharing more videos and audios of our Kantoria, I hope you liked this little tribute.

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