Every day of our lives

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Every day is a new opportunity to begin, to be reborn,

not just to survive, but to start living again.
In our society, there will never be a lack of people who say "NO" to you,
because you can't make it, they'll say you can't do it,
that's too much for you.

I've always believed that at birth come in blank,
like that tabula rasa,
without a hint of experience, but with a talent loaded in his veins.
When we were born we began to fill that blank page with stories,
our experiences will fill every page of what will later be learning.

Every episode of our life is just one page in the big book,
that book we write every day,
and that we filled it with our experiences;
We know that not everything is rosy, there are good times and not so good times,
but who likes to live in monochrome?

Every experience must be translated into knowledge,
whether positive or negative, is still learning,
it's up to us to take the best of the best,
and highlight those beautiful moments with the most beautiful colors
to make them meaningful and
to be able to treasure them every day of our lives.


I hope you liked these short lines.

For your attention...

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