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RE: Walks of Manhattan

in #life4 years ago

Hi! @dewdrop. The autumn leaves are very beautiful. But you dressed for Spring not for winter months, it's almost December!
The sunsets are just fantastic, slowing getting more intense and then released into the cool night of glittering lights from all the buildings and light bulbs on the bridge.

I hope you are taking some herbal tea and take ginger in your food to warm the body up for the cold winter. Take good care of your health.



Hi there! Thanks for your beautiful comment, my friend! After many years living here, I'm still not a fan of winter. Herbal tea and ginger are great ideas! I have them but forget to use them :D. Thanks for being a great friend. Love you!

Thank you for your reply @dewdrop! I was missing your new posts.
You should look after yourself and do some stretching exercises, they are good for your chi or energy level. Keep warm and stay out of cold wind!

Missing you and your new photos.
I will have to revisit your museum and gallery!!


You're so sweet. Thanks 😊!

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