Dentist Diaries - The Tooth With Two Roots

in life •  6 months ago

Heya Steemians,

Here I am sitting at the dentist’s. Not for me but my daughter who is getting her braces done. Two teeth extracted today. The top one had two roots, part of the root chipped off and remains in her gums. Now there might be a surgery involved to take out the small piece.

The surgeon has just arrived. I hear him saying “let’s remove it. Get the extractor.”🙀
My fear for the dentist grows. My cavities too.

10 minutes later Surgeon tells me he is going to remove it now. He showed me the x-ray. The piece is 3.44 mm’s long. It is taking up half the space in her gums. He tells me best to remove it immediately. It’s a minor surgery.

My daughter seems “meh”. She is focused on getting the braces done soonest. Her mother on the other hand is shuddering. I have stepped out so my jitters won’t rub off on her. She is so brave. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

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Me tooo
I am so chicken and she is so calm and relaxed
I remember once at her age, my mum had to literally drag me into the room, it was quite a scene


I two weeks I have My appointment 😬😬


You can do it ... haha

My husband is a dentist and he says part of why the job is so difficult (and the suicide rate of dentists is so high) is that people come in and openly tell you how much they hate you LOL

And you know that you are making your visits worse if you wait too long and have bigger problems, right?

I know you know. You smart!!! 🤓



Ok, I didn't I use the word hate... just "scared"
I may be more chicken than smart....

Darnit!!! I just needed someone to tell me I am asking for bigger problems...
Thank you for saying it @mariannewest....(not really... boohoo)
I'll set an appointment on her next visit .... gahhhhhhh

Love you @mairannewest, you the best (no promises I will always feel this way, especially when I'm sitting in that dentist's chair)


:) take some valium or something before you go. And bring a "feel safe" item that reminds you to breath and to keep mentally going through your body and relaxing each body part. Usually, it is better to keep your eyes open because you feel things more when your eyes are closed. One of those squeeze balls might be a good thing. So you can squeeze it and remember to relax, release, breath.....
In Germany, there is a dentist where they provide dogs to lay on you while you are in the chair because it relaxes people. And there are some gems that are supposed to be good too. Maybe ask our friend @thereikiforest to send you some positive energy while you are in the chair. :)
Hugs to you!! And you know that you are brave.
Do your affirmations every day: I am relaxed at the dentist office because I know I am taking care of myself and I love myself.
or something like that.
Also, have you done tapping? that might help to get rid of the fear....


#thestruggleisreal hahaha
You are right, I have built up my fear for the dentist to a point that I'd rather the toothache over the dentist
Which really is quite silly, or at least that's what I'd tell my kids
Time to walk the talk

I think the fear comes from all those dentist visits when I was young, and no matter what they did, I could always feel it and finally they labelled me (and my brother) hypersensitive
This happened even with the kids births, so many people have told me you shouldn't feel the pain with the epidural
and I'm like, no of course you do....

But, I am taking your advice and getting it done
I am shaking inside and out but my minds made up
Will get it done <3