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1st Steemiversary ||ReInvent ReAlign ReDefine

in life •  11 days ago

Hey There :)

Oh what year it has been. So many learning curves, in particular to my growth as a person, as a woman, as a mother. Some changes had to be done. Long time coming and it was time to face the inevitable.

I started "KAERpediem" as a compromise for my sons. They wanted to be Gamers on YouTube. So after years of pestering, begging, convincing, promising... they did all they could, and I did all I could to stall them. Eventually I met them halfway. Yes to a YouTube channel, No to Gaming. Not yet at least.

The idea behind the channel was to go on adventures, experience life. But now they are older, they don't need me to create their videos. They want to do it themselves. They have their own circle of friends and ideas on how they want to be heard. They have their own voice and they want to be in control.

The tell tale signs had started since last year. Inconspicuous eye-rolls and whispered sighs. It started getting more obvious in the innuendos and the unspoken words. And it came to a screeching halt when we had to face the white elephant in the room and talk it out.

That left me in a bit of a conundrum. Where do I go? What do I do with this channel? How do I move forward with all these ideas in my head?

Since Steemit, gently and progressively there has been changes. I was learning to become comfortable in my own skin. Because of the way Steemit is, I couldn't hide behind the kids anymore. The writing, the engagement, on Discord, it had to be all me. I had to put myself out there. I had to communicate and connect.

It wasn't easy at first but it did get easier. And sometimes, I still need to back up into my corner and shut out the world. I sometimes envy people like Bradley Cooper who is not on Social Media and romanticise me going back to before I dipped my foot in this space of the nameless and faceless.

Then I see what I'd become, this person who would say Hello to the Sales Girl, smile at the neighbour in the lift, go for a job interview and not be afraid of saying No if I didn't believe in it. Go for a mini meet up with Steemians like I did tonight without anxiety. I liked this too.

Now I don't feel so awkward around people. I don't need to hide behind a friend, a kid, a spouse, a parent, a phone to be in a social gathering. What do I do? Do I go back to squeezing into the tightest crack in the hopes of enjoying the surrounding without being noticed? Or do I explore this new me?

I guess, to stay on Steemit, and to be part of the DTubeRevolution, I have to see where this new route will take me. I have always liked a challenge. So, yes there is a lot of hushed uncertainty in the Steem Sphere. But playing it safe, is boringgggg.

So, I am taking this opportunity to say thank you to Steemians have been instrumental in my growth.
@bitrocker2020(TeamMalaysia): Thank you for introducing the platform to me, and entertaining my initial Stalker Mode
@coloringiship & @angiechin28: Thank you for the gatherings trying to get the seniors together so the noobs can get the heads up on the Crypto World, how to cash out, why to power-up, etc
@littlenewthings: Thank you for always being the big, strict sister. Laying out the rules of what to do and what not to do and how to play it smart.
@zord189: Thank you for always making me feel not stupid to ask you the stupidest questions about the Crypto World
@c0ff33a: Thank you for the encouraging comments , giving me the confidence that I had something interesting to share
@enginewitty (TheAlliance): Thank you for opening the Castle doors for me, to see what a tight knit group can do for each other
@jaynie (Steemitbloggers): Thank you for your generosity laced with threats of a good spanking or more like "The Boot" for flaunting rules ;p
@hitmeasap & @simplymike: Thank you for the helping hand that made me a minnow much faster
@tarazkp: Thank you for delegating to me so I could get upvotes from @steem-ua
@neoxian & @legendchew: Thank you for welcoming me into the Forever Changing City ;p and giving me very nice upvotes
@fraenk(Googlyeyes): Thank you for all the delegations through the #googlyeyes contest. Gave me a lot to smile about and also a taste of what a higher SP can do :)
@khimgoh(SteemitMamas): Thank you for that first push to "Go power up now" all those moons ago and your support ever since. Always guiding and encouraging <3
@mariannewest{FreeWriteHouse): Thank you thank you for always reaching out. I can safely say, the Free Writes allowed the Introvert to stay on Steemit because I didn't always want to talk about myself nor regurgitate facts that have already been flogged to death on the internet with another How to....

Also a lot of love to Steemians who've just become friends:
@elizacheng @vincy @thekitchenfairy @metzli @ladylei @alimamasstory @happycrazycon @iamjadeline @crosheille @kchitrah @mumma-monza @eaglespirit @joannewong @francesaw @ireenchew @noriaakip @patlu @grayarty(I think you are not here anymore but you continue to auto vote and though it is going back to the reward pool, it is a nice feeling to see that one vote without fail from get go)
The list goes on, everyone who's path I have crossed through this platform, I truly appreciate each and every one of you <3

Last but not least, someone who inadvertently has influenced my decision in my journey from this point on @nathanmars: Thank you for the support, encouragement, confidence and believe in the platform which is infectious

OK, I might have gone on a bit too long. I cannot wait to see what the 2nd year in this Crypto world is going to do for me. It has been exciting and challenging and I have learnt so much but there's still more and I cannot wait. Thank you for reading and watching. Truly appreciated.


Be A Part of The DTubeRevolution: @nathanmars is on a Mission to grow DTube; Post 1 Video and more so Engage with at least 3 DTubers every day.

Images & Videos are from my Photo Gallery unless stated

Till We Meet Again Over Text, Pics, Videos, Maybe Even Coffee ....

Live Life Loud & Steem On

@SteemitBloggers | @SteemitMamas | @TheAlliance | @FreeWriteHouse | @Qurator

▶️ DTube

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Omg.. Its already been a year.?? Time just flies !!! Being on any social network it is normally only about YOU.. Be it sharing about your family or about your travels... Its been about You.

People sees your channel and follows you mainly because they already find your views and opinions relevant to them.

Thanks for being consistent in coming out with content and looking forward in following more of your amazing videos.

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Time flies ....
It has been quite a journey and yes, so I have learnt hahaha and now there's no turning back :)
Thank you again for all that you do :D

happy one year ya'll!!!!!!!!!! here's to many more! thanks for ALL you are sharing with us!!!!!!! :)


Thank you so much @rawutah :D

Happy Steemiversary :) You are are beautiful person with a beautiful family, I think whatever direction you go, it's going to be good times and great content :)


Thank you so much @deepsouthpiddlin
Sometimes you look back knowing you ended up somewhere completely different from your intended destination and it's going to be alright
Your words of encouragement is truly appreciated <3

Woo! Kickass pretty mama! Grats on the achievement. You are welcome here and hope you keep that motivation level high😎

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Thank you so much Witty aka Goldie ;p
And thank you for always keeping it real :D


Got to sweets, only way I know how to do it 😋😎🤗

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Happy Anniversary !!!
Journey through Steemit is so rewarding .. And I'm not talking in monetary but in terms of knowledge. Somehow it changes us without us knowing and brings the best out of ourselves.
It's strange that you mentioned about your boys & how they have wanted to be Gamers.. I see that in my boys too.

Everyday we learn, everyday we engage & everyday we continue to love and appreciate one another.


All kids want onto be YouTubers
And the boys want to be gamers
And now that esport/Mobile Legends is in SEA Games 2019 probably in the Olympics by 2024
Crazy right?

Thank you Ireen for being part of this journey 😊

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My kids are into the same too and I don't understand when they start talking to me about it .
Thankfully their daddy understands 😉

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@kaerpediem, First I want to say that, 1st Steemiversary. You shared past memorable ideas there. More steemians engage with you and you growing faster. It's great to hear me.


Hey there @mahushanka
Thank you so much for dropping in :D

Happy Steemit Birthday <3


Terima Kasih :D <3

Hahaha. I only share what I have been through. I am also learning and trying to catch up with everyone else in Steemit who has been so much ahead of me now ever since I took a step back and attend family matters in the RL.
Got to catch up with everyone again, unlearn and relearn what has been missing and what should be added into the value for Team Malaysia

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That's makes you special
You know a lot but always open to learn
And generous with the suggestions
Keep being you, wielding rotan and all :D

@kaerpediem Happy Steemiversary! I admire your tenacity in Steemit. Thank you for remembering me. I'm super proud to have known you through Steemit, met you in person & count you as a friend. I'm not active everyday but with friends like you, I'm motivated to stay 'alive'. I'm sure the 2nd year will be even more exciting for you.


Hey, you got something else going for you
You understand the market and crypto and buy and sell
I wish I could do that too
That is why we had to have you in the senior team hahaha
Thank you so much Frances
We continue to swim in our own way in these steeming waters :D


You're too kind. Im so lazy to even buy sell. Thank God for steemauto

Congrats on your 1 year on STEEM blockchain! Proud for you.

You have really strong charisma and I love the diversity you bring on DTube.

May I ask where do you currently live, looks like some part of Asia to me? But I might be wrong.

Anyway, continue doing what you do and see you at the top!

Glad to connect. Peace

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Hey @enjoyinglife, what a nice thing to say :D
Thank you
You are absolutely right, I am from Asia..
Malaysia to be exact
Truly appreciate your words of encouragement :D

They all grow up so fast. And you are becoming wiser. Thank you for sharing from the depth of your heart. At one point I thought your tear and I wish I could jump in and pass you a tissue or give you a hug.

They grow up and need their space - I know I will face this one day too. So now I am fully utilising the time as my sons still will tell me stories.

Now you are handling this channel, more focused, and I know there will be great stuff in store to be released to us. We are waiting..... 💪💪💪

You and you children are all so natural in front of video. Let us continue to do the best we can do here. We each have different skill set and if we focus what we can contribute, this will be a great platform. :)

Thank you for being part of my journey too. 😘

P/S: I love your new profile..sh33la. There is reason why radio dropped you. When one door closes, the better door always opens, if you open your eyes wide enough to see. And you saw it! Yay!


@iamjadeline <3 <3 <3
Only hearts, words will not justify my gratitude for your words ...

I love your editing of your family videos in the background btw! Lots of fun and activity!

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Yes, we did make it a point every weekend to go do something fun
Anything fun hahaha

Wow thanks for sharing your amazing journey and how you’ve changed so much for the better! It also gives me a light at the end of the tunnel too! 🙂🥰

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A good journey needs friends along the way
So thank you <3

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Tome flies When you having fun its My birthday too here soon and I congratulate you on expanding your world to greater lenghts!


It's time for celebrations :)
So happy I met you on this journey Britt
Thank you for being an inspiration and your passion for the Steem blockchain <3


Same here, and still thinking of starting My Dsnap steemit journey


Are you still thinking?
Do one first ...
a Snap is less than a minute 😊

Happy Steemit anniversary my dear @kaerpediem!!!!! You are one rocking mama and DTuber who is so inspiring to me!

Thank you for adding such a great value to this platform. I am so glad to have "met" you here, though I missed a literal meetup with you on Sunday, oops. Thank you for bringing in so much fun and vulnerability and realness onto Steemit and DTube. Your honesty and sincerity really shine! 💕

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You my dear are a gem and you have shown over and over your tenacity to reach out
I hope to soon meet up with you in person
So I can rub your belly (I won't rub belly... I don't know why people think just because you are pregnant, your belly becomes free for all hahaha) and give you a hug
For now it has to be a Air Hug ❤️

Happy Steemit Birthday @kaerpediem! The Steemitphere is superbly better with you! Thank you for all the great content that you contribute!

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You see, always encouraging, always supportive and you always make me feel good hahaha
Thank you Khim. ❤️

Happy STEEMversary! :D


Thank you Thank you :D

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I knew I could count on you for my Name Typos
Thank you :D

I would think Steemit would be a pretty safe place for an introvert! Glad you are here and enjoying it.


So much so it is making me maybe a bit too comfortable haha