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Fashion is important for men nowadays as it is for women. Increasing the variety in every passing day, the men's fashion closed the jeans and t-shirts era. It is possible to look fine, stylish and trendy. Here are the pieces that are to be found in every man's wardrobe from every age and background:


Jeans that can be worn at any hour of the day and undertaken the job of being rescuers are one of the indispensable pieces of clothing for men. You can combine your blue jeans with a dark blazer jacket for a sporty and stylish look and you can look pretty fine by competing your black jeans with leather jackets. You can catch a casual elegance by pairing your beige color jackets and sweaters with your light color jeans.


No matter what you think, you should definitely have at least one suit in your wardrobe... Funerals, weddings, work, receptions... You can wear it for any occasion. In the same manner a wedding dress shows the beauty of a woman, a suit will make a man look finer. Remember, women cannot wear their wedding gowns everywhere, but you can wear your suit for every occasion.


Leather jackets, one of the trendiest pieces recently, are often preferred as they can be combined with any piece and make the one who wears it look very cool. Leather jackets that offer a stylish look with clack jeans especially on weekends are actually timeless and can be worn anytime and anywhere.


One of the most basic and classic pieces in men's wardrobe. the white shirts are wonderfully matched with chino trousers, bermuda shorts and jeans as well as suits. You can wear classic white shirts with suits and slim ones with tight pants.


The blazer jackets, which are the most stylish pieces of men, provide great combinations of jeans and classic pants. Dark blazer jackets with dark outfits and beige and light gray blazer jackets with light color jeans may be ideal.

P.S: Barney was my idol :)

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