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I was visiting my close friends at their new flat. This is a view from 13th floor. I am excited and happy for them that they finally have a place that they call home.
This made me think of how different we all are. Some want to own a bunch of square meters, therefore, burden themselves with 30-year long mortgages. And some, like me, don't yet really know in which city their true home actually is.

Je rendais visite à mes amis proches dans leur nouvel appartement. C'est une vue du 13ème étage. Je suis excitée et heureuse pour eux parce qu'ils ont enfin un endroit ou il sont chez eux.
Cela m'a fait penser à en fait que nous sommes tous différents. Certains veulent posséder des mètres carrés, par conséquent, se charger de prêts hypothécaires de 30 ans. Et certains, comme moi, ne savent pas encore vraiment dans quelle ville se trouve réellement leur vraie "chez moi".

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@k-a-s-i-a, Your country is great, economy is smooth, infrastructure is good.

Lol so true, i'm not about that life, i can't see myself tied down to a home. I mean i don't even have enough stuff to put in it! i'd much rather travel and see as much of the world as possible.

I guess working and coming home to a place you feel is yours offers some sort of stability and if you feel that's worth 20 - 30 years of working, by all means, go ahead. All I need is my laptop and an internet connection and i'm pretty much sorted! Living that lean life

Perhaps you are a citizen of the World! Your house, earth!

Interesting flat.

Tu as entièrement raison de ne pas te précipiter dans un choix comme celui-là. Encore quelques années de recherche et de voyage en perspective ! ;o)

J'espère que tu trouveras où poser tes valises un jour :o)

Nice view good work

I was a city girl but I am happy I do not live in the city any longer. Ido not believe I grew old where I live now... it is only possible as long as you have a car. I will see how old I will get and it all also depends when my dogs die.

I consider that country as a developed one in terms of infrastructure according to what i have seen in your picture.

everything is possible! the best thing is to understand your preference