Life's transitions! My first grandchild, WOLFIE

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Several years ago, I was playing with a 4 yr old in my office when he fondly asked if I was a grandma.  I said, "No, I'm not a grandma yet -- but I'm practicing."  His mother was horrified and quickly tried to quiet him up.  But, before she could, he reassured me that I had potential.  That little kiddo on that specific day made me feel so very special. 

Three years later and the grandbaby's on his way.  He's due to arrive in just days and I'm ready -- or I think I am.  I'm going to be a grandma!  Not an ordinary grandma, but an AWESOME grandma.  I've been patiently waiting for this moment and trying not to ask too many questions or to call more often than usual.  But what I have done is practiced reading stories to children in my office and drawing pictures on the exam paper with them.  I color with the kids.  We play "Simon Says" and sometime blow bubbles.  I hold the newborns just a little extra to get that extra "moment"!  I have started collecting a shelf of books for future sleep overs when we make a fort and sleep in it overnight.  I even have a "Bee Scooter" waiting for a toddler.  I have a bee suit for a school age child -- just waiting to take him into my apiary and show him first-hand the wonders of our world.  My world is about to change, and as you know, I am so excited.

I loved my Grandma Krier!  She was strong, smart and tenacious.  Raised nine children on a farm in Wisconsin through the great depression and WWII.  My grandfather died when my mom was seven, but my grandmother persevered.  She lived in that farmhouse until she was 94.  Now, Grandma Krier was not soft or sickeningly sweet, but bold.  She spoke her conscience.  She hugged me the day I graduated high school and held me a day later when my father died.  She had 53 grandkids and made each of us feel special!  She could cook a meal for 1 to 100 without even making a list, running to the store, or freaking out.  Grandma Krier with her 8th grade education could beat anyone at scrabble even at 94.  

Do I have my GRANDma name chosen yet ?  No.  I thought I did.  It was going to be "Gigi" then I thought "Gigi Bee", then a co-worker explained to me that it is the eldest grandchild that gets the final say in naming me.  So, I have been busy pondering the truth to this.  At first "Grandma" seemed too old, but I'm kind of warming up to it.  It seems like a right of passage.  But, if I need to, I can always consult the The Ultimate Guide to Grandparent Names.

Does the GRANDbaby have a name?  Not that's been announced.  I call him WOLFIE (short for Wolfgang) -- which his parents have lead me to believe is *NOT* what they have chosen.  I did guess the name once and regretted that I had.  I don't know if my guess is still the name or not, but  I have locked that secret away.  When he arrives, then I am sure I will have my answer.  

I have no doubts or worries about Wolfie's parents, they are going to ROCK as parents.  Seeing my own child become a father, is really special.

As a soon to be grandma, I look forward to walks, hikes, picnics, rolling down grassy hills, playing in leaf piles, making sweet treats, reading stories, attending 5th grade concerts, going to sporting events, splashing in puddles, doing treasure hunts, hide & seek, counting stars, blowing bubbles .... I could go on forever.  Maybe grandson will teach me how to level up my Pokémon and fight in the gym and how to remain patient when milk is spilled.  It is my promise to him that I will work to teach him how to have a conversation, do some critical thinking, play an interactive board game, pitch a tent, backpack (without a cell phone for few days at a time), write in cursive,  volunteer, and make the world a better and even more interesting place.  


Congratulations o you !! its a true gift of life this child for you I am sure, so enjoy him like he was is yours !! Wolfie sounds just dandy !! ; - )

Well, a hearty"congratulations" is in order for you! Being a Grandmother is incredible. You'll be amazed at how much you've learned since yours were small, how much smarter kids seem these days, as well as how old you're getting. Lol! Watching them learn and discover the world around them is ever-fascinating and you sound as if you have a great start on helping them!

My babies have helped me, by their very existence, to better myself both physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have a spinal cord injury and I give a great deal of credit to my grandchildren in aiding my rehabilitation by simply needing my care and attention as it forced me to move, laugh and strive!

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