My Plans for the Next Six Months

in life •  3 months ago

I wish only peace and serenity to anyone still battling hardship and pain. Don't give up. You got this.

I have been working toward getting in to school lately and I finally got an acceptance email from a local college in Oregon. I want to make machines for factories, I think that would be a cool job. Let's face it, factories are like Rube Goldberg setups.
I think maybe I should learn some new stuff like painting, pottery, guitar or piano, ballroom dancing and anything else that seems fun.
When I complete school I will be one of the few in my whole family to do so. Sweet!

Other Strange Actions

  • Picking up cigarette butts.
  • Seperating the pull tabs on sodas for Dialysis.
  • Walking more instead of taking the bus.
  • Taking time to just sit and listen to the world.
  • Volunteering in shelters and dropin centers.

I also went to find some work. I might have a gig at Burger King. We will see after my interview Wed. at 1030am. Super stoked about that.
I will purchase a bicycle with all the gear, saddlebags, baskets, lights, helmet and a bad ass bell. Do the rain gear thing too. I wouldn't say I am an eco nut or anything. It is expensive to operate a car. Always stuck in traffic. Screw that on the regular.
I do also need a real computer. The rPI is so-so but It does get the job done sometimes. The wifi fails a lot. I see people doing this streaming video games thing and Discord. I want to see what that is about.

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