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Although vegetarianism continues to gain popularity around the world, many supporters of traditional diets still consider this behavior a deviation from the norm. If you can not finish deciding if you should eat meat or not, then this article is for you.

Genial.guru decided to organize a small virtual dispute between vegetarians and carnivores, and we gathered the most outstanding arguments for and against meat. Also, at the end of the article you will find a curious bonus.
Physiologically, the human being is omnivorous. This is evidenced by the structure of our digestive tract and jaw. Meat is not the main food for us, but we are able to digest it well.

The meat contains all the essential amino acids. As is known, protein is the main "building material" for our body. In turn, the protein is formed of amino acids, and the body can not independently synthesize some of them. Therefore, we can only obtain them from food. These amino acids are called irreplaceable, and eating meat is the easiest way to obtain a complete set of these amino acids.
Meat in large quantities contains vitamin B12. This vitamin is not produced by animals or plants, but is produced by certain bacteria that inhabit the intestinal flora of animals. In our microflora these bacteria can also exist, but in modern humans, unfortunately, the balance of the microflora is often altered.
There is the opinion that with the transition to vegetarianism, the gastrointestinal tract is gradually rebuilt and the person regains his ability to produce vitamin B12. Some advise vegetarians to eat unwashed vegetables or certain types of algae (there is a heated debate about this) in order to obtain this vitamin; but most people who do not eat meat take B12 in the form of dietary supplements.

People who consume meat have it much easier: vitamin B12 accumulates in the tissues of animals and enters the body quietly with the usual food.

Mankind has been eating meat for several hundred years. Probably, this is the main argument of the supporters of traditional food. All our ancestors and the ancestors of their ancestors ate meat, and we still do not repeat the fate of mammoths or dinosaurs. If you have always eaten meat and you do not imagine your life without it, why change anything?
Stop eating meat abruptly is a serious stress for the whole body. With the transition to vegetarian nutrition, all internal processes are gradually restructured. And if in the future the person decides to eat meat again or try some "harmful delight", there is a high probability that the reaction of his body is more turbulent than before.

The most common reason is for ideological reasons. Some do not want to cause suffering to animals, and others follow a religious dogma. In any case, these people are the least times they abandon vegetarianism once they adopt it.
The second reason is health care. There are studies on the benefits of vegetarianism for the prevention of heart disease, certain types of diabetes and even cancer. Many vegetarians notice that, once they stop eating meat, they lose weight and feel better in general. And although the vegetarian diet is not yet recognized as a treatment, for some people this data is enough to change their diet radically.
The third point includes lovers of experiments. They love to prove themselves and try something new. For them, giving up meat is just another challenge for themselves. And after having passed a certain period, which lasts a month or even a few years, these people often consider that the experiment has been completed and return to their previous habits.
Finally, the strangest motive that can cause you to give up meat is the mainstream. Unfortunately, in recent years, the healthy lifestyle that was once a positive thing, has now become another trend of fashion. And some people are willing to the craziest acts in order to go with the flow, without thinking about the consequences. This category of people are those who approach vegetarianism without adequate preparation and responsibility, and also leave it in record time.

It is believed that the human being has eaten meat throughout its history. But in nature, animals eat raw meat, and not heat processed, as we are used to doing it.

Last century, the academic Ugolev conducted an experiment, immersing a raw and boiled frog in a container of gastric juice. The raw was dissolved completely, and the cooked only superficially disintegrated. It is not surprising that many times we hear about the damage that roast meat causes: it takes a long time to digest and generates a feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the stomach.

But raw meat does not seem like a modern person, not to mention the fact that it contains many pathogenic microorganisms. Vegetable food, especially if it is organic, fills the body with useful substances much faster.

In extreme conditions, we can eat almost anything and our body will support it. But when we eat meat regularly, we force our bodies to work all the time on the defensive.

Contrary to popular belief, stop eating meat does not deprive the person of essential amino acids. Yes, it is easier to obtain them from meat (and more common), but if a balanced vegetarian diet is maintained, the need for essential amino acids can be met, not to mention vitamins.

The controversial territory is only vitamin B12, but we have already said that it is not produced by animals, but by bacteria and, if necessary, it can be obtained by consuming special additives.

Consuming vegetables is easier in terms of production: before consumption, plants must be grown, in some cases processed, and delivered to the store.

Meat production requires many more steps: you need to cultivate (and, again, process) feed for livestock; you have to keep the animals somewhere and take care of them until they reach maturity; then, let's say it figuratively, "convert animals into flesh" somewhere; After the meat is processed, it is sent to the store and then it is consumed.

In the modern world, more meat is consumed than ever in history. To supply the growing demand, manufacturers often use hormones and antibiotics that, together with meat, enter the human body. The scientific community is debating whether these substances have a negative impact on our health. But the mere existence of this type of studies gives reason to doubt how beneficial meat produced on an industrial scale is.
Many people have maintained a vegetarian diet in the past and also maintain it now, and have no health problems. This does not prove that vegetarianism is a panacea, but at least it shows that it is not harmful to the body. One of the most famous vegetarians was the Irish writer, Bernard Shaw. He lived 94 years, maintaining a vegetarian diet since he was 25.
Finally, we suggest you do a short test. Look at these two girls and answer: which of them eats meat and which does not?

Write your answer and the arguments in your favor in the comments. We are interested in knowing your opinion! Find the correct answer below the arrow.
We have to admit that we cheated: we do not know the dietary preferences of these girls. Maybe they both eat meat, or maybe neither does. In fact, it is practically impossible to distinguish vegetarians from carnivores by their appearance (although the fervent supporters of the two sides will surely find many obvious signs, these are subjective).

But we want to say one thing: without a doubt, you are what you eat. However, many things depend on lifestyle, genetics and other factors, so measuring objectively the benefits or disadvantages of stopping eating meat is extremely difficult. Each case is individual. What works for one person may not be of any use to another.

Therefore, before changing anything, we must study the problem in depth from different angles, consult with specialists and, based on this, make a decision that will be totally personal.

And have you ever felt the positive or negative consequences of having stopped eating meat completely or temporarily? Share your experience in the comments.

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