the secret law of attraction

in life •  2 months ago


the secret the law of attraction, is based on just learning to admire not to envy people the secret of the law of attraction depends on you, you manage it, you control it in your life, you decide that you want to be in reality and the more
extraordinary is that you do not realize how it happens, everything is trend the secret was revealed to you all we work with an infinite power we all are guided exactly with the same laws natural laws are so precise that we have no difficulty to build spacecraft, all we work with a law, attraction, that is the secret, everything that comes to your life, you attract it to your life and it is attracted by virtue of the images that you have in your mind, what you think, whatever happens in your mind it attracts you to you the wise always knew it .. they have always known it because they believe that 1% of the population earns 96% of all the wealth generated, believes that it is a coincidence it is not coincidence that it has been designed they understand something They understand the secret and you are revealing the secret. I already understand it and that is why today I share it with you. If you approve it, similar attracts similar in a few words. The law of attraction says that equal attracts equal. When we speak at the level of thought flows all that energy within you as an Iman one becomes what you think more and also attracts what you think more but with faith, if you see it in your mind you will have it in your hand sooner or later it will happen and the most important thing is that when it happens you will not notice

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