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Hello Stemian😝
@june21neneng here sharing some guide on how to be a good mother to all steemian moms and moms to be...oops im not saying im a good mom im learning also and trying to be a good mom😚
What it means to be a good mother? A good mother often called a good enough mom, does her best to....

*TEACH HER CHILDREN HOW TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST- it is actually comes on how we embrace everyday ordinary life. Maybe teach them how to appreciate what we have and what's the importance of life. By making friends, interacting with people having time for family dinner breakfast or lunch together embrace whats life has to offer.

*BE THERE FOR HER CHILDREN WHEN THEY NEED HER- Talking them one by one , listening to them and supporting their needs for help.

*TEACH HER CHILD THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF-WORTH- Treating them with respect, appreciate their good behavior and achievement. Discipline them in a positive ways. When child misbehaves never discipline in anger, take time to think of positive ways to teach and correct them.A child responds much to kind and gentle teaching than to harsh discipline.Teach them principles and allow them to explore and learn.

*PROVIDE FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER AND LOVE- choosing nutritious foods what is best for the health of children. Making sure they have always clean comfortable and affordable clothes to wear. Providing a safe place for them to live in.Make a point to express the love and affection for them everyday.

*BE GOOD EXAMPLE FOR HER CHILDREN- We are the role model of our children show them courtesy, show them how you manage your temper, show compassion to others, offers some help to others, show them that you admitt your own mistakes, teach them to say the 3 magic words when needed ( may i, thank you, sorry)

  • MAKE TIME TO HAVE FUN WITH HER KIDS- spending time with them by cooking their fave foods, watching TV, picnic outdoors take them to the places they want to.


*TEACH HER CHILDREN HOW TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY- One example was the time their ( my children's father) father was still alive and suffered from strokes they saw me how i took care and attended their father's needs like showering, spooning his foods, cleaning his bump when he make poo changing his diaper when its full of pee giving his medicine to take.That way they copied what they saw from me. The time i was away from them because of my work, i need to work to met our family needs it hard for me to go away but it is needed. They are in their college their father's still bedridden. how they took care their father while studying? when one is in school the other one took care their fathers but if they both in school on that day before preparing going to school they make sure that their father are clean enough had change a new diaper have food, medicine, water all of their fathers needs were on the table beside the bed before leaving the house that was their daily routine. For almosr two months of doing that way one of my children calked me and asking me to go home because they already fell tired, i told them " i really wanted to go home to take care of your father but how about our finances, the food, medicine, your sxhooling". I dont want them to stop their studies its my passion to give all what they want and needs,nevermind my needs. seeing them happy is my hapiness..They took care up to the last minutes of their fathers lives, 2 months after he diagnose of throat cancer.😖😖

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Being an example is key in all of that. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Oh, hello nice to meet you here , and thanks for dropping by Oatmeal Joey Arnold😝

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