Perks Of Being An Introvert

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Being an introvert comes with its perks, pros and cons. Once in a while, you wish that at least you were a little extroverted possessing those friendly and down to earth qualities where everyone accepts and loves you for being you. But then, at other times, you bask in your introvertish self and find strength therein.


Sometimes you wish you could really express how you truly feel as you sometimes crave for love, peace and acceptance. You yearn and crave to be told those words that could set your heart ablaze and of course keep you amazed.

Being an introvert is pretty simple as ABC, although it may shut your eyes and heart to many beautiful things you should see.

Some may call us selfish but we ain’t. It’s just that we find so much strength in our self and we really don’t have to sell fish.


Despite being in a group setting where we contribute openly, our strength probably lies when we are alone – perhaps in the board room – having a meeting with of course, just us.

Some people may feel you’re not a braniac because you almost never raise your hands to answer questions in the classroom. “What if I answer and I’m wrong?” What ifs thoughts make us shy away from been seen/known in public.

Do you wear headphones to block your ears when you’re in public? Oh Dear, you’re so not alone. We know. We do it a lot. And of course, music doesn’t have to be played for us to block our ears with those headphones…..all in a bid to keep off.

Sometimes you see someone you know, put your head down and walk past simply because you do not want to have a conversation with ‘em especially if you consider them talkative.

Did someone get pissed at something or someone other than you? Even though you need to have a conversation with them, you’d rather avoid them at all cost than try have a decent conversation with them.

They may be looked on as weaknesses, because we tend to shy away more than we show off. Don’t feel let down.
You are not a weakling. Yes, you are an introvert, but you are strong, calm, witty and loved. You are not alone and you can be the best version of yourself.


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We all are different and I try not to judge anybody. I believe that there is a reason behind everything what people do. If somebody I know pass by me without looking at me then I just leave it :) After a while if you observe his/her behavior and you have a slight hint of empathy in you, you will understand what's going on.. not everybody enjoys social contacts. I have some days that I feel I don't even want to talk to my own husband :) (not that he would do anything bad to me of course)


Hahaha. Yes I understand. Some days are like that. Where I don't feel like talking to anybody at all. Just be alone by myself. Lol. Thanks for dropping by

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As an introvert, I key into these pros and cons. I get used to my phone, laptop and concentrate on music than stepping out of the house.



Thanks for coming through dear
Cheers to the intro fam

More pros than cons if you ask me. Lots of free time to get creative and no stupid need to rely on being with someone for your hapiness


Yeah right.
I like the lots of free time to myself too
Thanks for coming through dear

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I can so much relate to this
Despite the perks
Introverts do rocks


Yes of course we do rock dear.
I'm a proud introvert

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Thanks much for the curation and as well the follow, cheers

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Loved this!

Speaking as a proud (and loud) introvert (well, maybe an omnivert)... great piece. I wrote a few posts about similar things.

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Speaking as a proud (and loud) introvert.... 😌

Lol 😂....
That got me, thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you love it

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