21 Days Of Awesomeness With Juliet Israel: Day 1

in life •  21 days ago

You are who you are for a reason

You are who you are for a reason
You are a precious and perfect unique design

You are God's favourite or right hand man/woman
You look like you look for a reason

And until you understand that, you will keep getting depressed or affected by other people's definition of you.

Your eyes were chosen by God
Your nose are long because God made them so

You are completely fine the way you are
Don't let anyone talk down on you.

It doesn't matter how you feel right now.
Chin up, because God's got your back baby.

Don't let people's negative opinion about you get to you.
Rather use it to your advantage.

It's a new year and I implore you not to give in to negativity.

Stay Woke, Stay Positive.

Happy New Year.

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