When reality begins to look too much like a "Conspiracy Theory."

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Yes, it seems to me that many here know about that moment when reality begins to resemble too much a "Conspiracy Theory."

And suddenly, it ceases to be theory and a conspiracy to become reality in front of our eyes. 😶

But, what is all this about? Yesterday someone shared a video in a chat room where I was. This video of the famous TEDTalks caught the attention at the time, especially because it speaks of the positive advances that can be generated when using the technology of the Blockchain.

The truth is that it is quite good, especially if you do not notice who is giving the conference. But if you look who the person is, that is the moment where the thing starts to get dark.

The conference speaker is Bettina Warburg. And who is Bettina Warburg?

According to the website TED.

Bettina Warburg is a blockchain researcher, entrepreneur and educator. A political scientist by training, she has a deep passion for the intersection of politics and technology.

A graduate of both Georgetown and Oxford, Bettina Warburg started her career as a political scientist and public foresight researcher at a prominent Silicon Valley think tank ...

... she spends most of her time incubating new startup ideas, advising Fortune 500 clients, governments and universities in developing minimum viable products, and strategizing around blockchain, artificial intelligence, industrial internet of things and digital platforms.

A woman of the 21st century!

Surely many will think that she must have worked hard to get where she has arrived. Well, maybe. But wait a minute ...


This last name sounds familiar to me. Let's see, let me check Google ... don't be 😈 1, 2, 3 ... And this is the first link that appears when I ask "Saint Google" about Warburg.


The Warburg family is a prominent German and American banking family of German Jewish descent, noted for their varied accomplishments in biochemistry, botany, political activism, economics, investment banking, law, physics, classical music, art history, pharmacology, physiology, finance, private equity and philanthropy.

They originated as the Venetian Jewish del Banco family, one of the wealthiest Venetian families in the early 16th century.

Hmmm ... and when checking the second link that appears, to see if it says something more positive about this last name appears this.


Paul Moritz Warburg (August 10, 1868 – January 24, 1932) was an American banker born in Germany, and an early advocate of the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

And this is where reality begins to look like a "Conspiracy Theory" or it ceases to be theory or conspiracy to become reality as it said at the beginning. Too many coincidences to have this lady with that name so complicated historically, leading the Blockchain issue in Sylicon Valley and many other sides as well. Remember that one of her jobs is "advising Fortune 500 clients, governments and universities". The truth is that, personally, I think this relationship behind the scenes is very worrying.

And if within minutes of having thought of all this appears this image ...

... now I do not believe in anything anymore! 😱



Firma Gif.gif


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lol not even sure how i started watching this video i think google autoplayed it after some other video that i really wanted to see. So i am like 3 minutes deep in this video and i already see that shes going from warming up to the secret agenda cover up. So im thinking to my self who da fuck is this woman? So i googled a bit and i guess those dormant NAZI genes are resurfacing. Than i saw there was some article on steemit so i followed link and ended up here. Im glad that there are like minded people out there that have transparent vision when it comes to people like this cunt. This article is exactly what i was thinking at the moment. All the best to the original author.

Thanks a lot for ur comment! Glad you found the post and also opened an account in Steemit. They are many people "like us" here. Just need to search a bit.
All the best for you too, hope to "read" you often.

The Warburgs were instrumental in setting up the Federal Reserve, I wouldn't trust anything those dirtbags are involved in. Once a scumbag Bankster family always a scumbag Bankster family. Like the Rothschilds have done to their own in the past she will be suicided or have a tragic accident if she goes against the family.

Yeah the good old Warburgs. At least the chick is hot, that means, the family offspring goes more for looks than intellect. That broke a lot of family dynasties before and it will also screw up the Warburgs eventually (compare that to the disciplined Rothschilds!).

It's now known since some time that Satoschi Nakamoto is not a person but a group. Only a rumor is, that they are CIA - but if you ask me, that's definitively the case.

The chick is pretty hot!!! This is true and good for theys to get more into the looks than the intellect :P hahahahaha

t's now known since some time that Satoschi Nakamoto is not a person but a group

This I did not knew...it is new for me... I know there was the speculation but not that it was certain.

Looks like a big scam to me!! People with influential families have retained their influence over the world even after all these centuries.
An eye opening post about the hellhole of a system we belong to :/

People with influential families have retained their influence over the world even after all these centuries.

Since more than 500 years, at least her family! Still do not understand how people can be cool with this :(

Thanks for the comment!

This is the case with most rich and influential families around the globe. Even in India ,Although Mahatma Gandhi was very important in India gaining freedom but even after 70+ years since the independence our country is still somehow controlled by the political influence of the Gandhi family and many more cases like these!! :/

Interesting!!!! Happens also in my country with the Castro family, still in the power even if Fidel is death...

Lol, no dude. There's no conspiracy here. A woman from a wealthy family got a good education in something related to what her family does, banking and fin-tech, and has the connections already to the companies to get a job advising them.

And you could make that Satoshi Nakamoto meme out of any number of Japanese companies, though Samsung is Korean. They must not have looked very hard for a company with SA in it. :P

hahaha She is pretty bad speaker please! Did you listen to her??? What she say is good but how she say it ... she is where she is just because of her "wealthy" family that actually has to do with the more shitty and corrupt company of all time, the Federal Reserve (wealthy family since the 16century coming form Venice, just another coincidence :P ) A lot of coincidences here ...

About the pic ... that was a joke but ... why not? Do you know for sure? Because as far as I know no one have a remote idea who this Satoshi guy is so ...

Coincidence does not prove conspiracy. I just watched the first few minutes of the video (got to save band width) I think she is an OK speaker, not brilliantly engaging but she is still communicating her message to the audience.

Wealthy banker families will likely continue to have children who grow up to work in those industries, there's nothing insidious about that. If the parents have a successful business/job/whatever, they will want their children to be successful and to continue in that endevour, it could be a distillery or a farm or in her case banking, it has happened that way throughout human history.

What is important is her message that blockchain tech will be revolutionary. It can make banks run more efficiently and securely by having multiple copies of the same ledger even on a private blockchain, it's certainly more secure than having one or two hardened data centers to hold the bank's ledger.

In regards to your other reply about corrupt bankers and their families having blockchain tech, well they've certainly messed up by telling people about it haven't they? Blockchain is a technology, and can be used by many people for many purposes. One of which, blockchain based currency, is a huge existential threat to the FIAT currency system. It doesn't concern me that banks have blockchain tech, everyone has it.

In regards to the picture: Why isn't Satoshi Nakamoto a group of huge tech companies working together, simply because it's difficult to keep secrets, and that difficulty increases exponentially with the more people you have involved; it would have been leaked, multiple times already particularly in face of how intense the search for who Nakamoto has been. Nevertheless, I do not know it wasn't but since it's impossible to prove a negative, I'll wait for evidence that proves who Nakamoto actually is. It's a trivial, though interesting, fact. It does not matter who or what Satoshi Nakamoto is/was bitcoin and crypto is here to stay.

I think she is an OK speaker,

You are german no? When germans say something is OK or normal, means it is not ... as far as I know how people here write things about other people.... She is pretty bad speaker, I even think she is just repeating whatsomeone is saying... the way she stop, it is not for to get some feeling in the public, she made pauses wher she do not need to... please look really not just 5 minutes at the begining...

What is important is her message that blockchain tech will be revolutionary.

Yes, it is but not if it stay in the hands of the few who have the power since 100s of years... We know what can happen with the good development of humanity because of this people in the power.. or at least , I read history books to do not repeat the same mistakes... but hey! it is very human to go against the same wall many times and never learn..

In regards to your other reply about corrupt bankers and their families having blockchain tech

She is part of this... still yo do not see it?

Why isn't Satoshi Nakamoto a group of huge tech companies working together, simply because it's difficult to keep secrets

You are wrong, it is not so difficult to keep secrets, no because to lie is easy but because WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE TRUE! just for to live as we are now... "safety".

Did I told u that the pic about Nakamoto was a joke... but still you do not know if is true or not, even if you say this about secrets

I'm Canadian not German, when I say she is OK it means she is communicating what she wants to, she isn't confusing the audience. If she was a part of some conspiracy to control the blockchain or keep her family wealthy (we know nothing about her relationship with her family, other than they are historically bankers) why would she be speaking at TED, whos' motto is "Ideas worth sharing."?

Blockchain is already out of the hands of bankers, we're using it right now. A private blockchain to keep a banks ledger only makes logistical and financial sense, so much security is built into the multiple redundancies of having many copies of the ledger that they can save on the time and cost of housing an ultra-secure single copy of the ledger.

Of course the Nakamoto pic is a joke, I could make the same thing out of the names of any kind of company in Japan. But until you can prove who or what is Satoshi Nakamoto, you can't rule out completely the small possibility that a group of tech companies worked together on it.

Sorry about the missunderstanding, the OK was so german and this together with the name you have made me think like it...

why would she be speaking at TED, whos' motto is "Ideas worth sharing."?

Why not? Bill Gates told in one TED in 2010 that we should get ride of a big % of the population, mostly in poor countries ... Honestly, I think TED had great speakers but also had a lot of not good people talking ... some ideas are not worth sharing even in TED if you ask me.

About her or her connections with her family, just hearing the Political Social background she has should ring some alert...

The govermment can obligate you to use its own private Blockchain the same way is doing with tax, schooling and many other things so...

And lets be clear, I am pretty well informed about how much good the blockchain can do to organize information but is a tool and like other tools can be used to do good things and bad things... from my experience and I have lived in 2 kind of govermments... Communism for 29 years in Cuba and Capitalism in Germany for 10 years now... still waiting for the REAL good things... something giving without asking other stuff in return... at the end they use the tool for they convenience... and there is history to confirm that!

Edit: I worked for 5 years in a company who handle Information for the Health Ministerium in Cuba, Infomed it is call ... so I know how good can be, exact the same example you wrote

I just checked out the claim you made of Gates wanting to reduce the population of poor countries, I do not think that is what he is saying in that case. He stated that the population of the world is headed to 9 Billion and with new vaccines, health care, and reproductive services the projected increase could be reduced by 10-15%. He did not say to use those things to reduce the population by 10-15% but reduce the amount of population growth. Rich countries with better health care and reproductive services have lower birth rates since more of the children are likely to survive to adulthood, increasing the quality of life will reduce the rate of population growth.
The Japanese are constantly in a panic over negative population growth, they aren't going out killing people, the birth rate is lower than the death rate and this results in a reduction in the population, perhaps in the only humane manner possible. Of course fear-mongers trying to capitalize on a fearful populace always project the rate of reduction until the population reaches zero and claim the Japanese will go extinct, which is ludicrous, as the population will once again reach parity between the birth and death rates at a lower total population.

You are absolutely correct in that block chain tech is a tool and can be used for good or bad.

Indeed Cuba has the reputation for having very good health services, despite being embargoed by the US.

Since you've lived with both Communism and Capitalism surely you can see that a blend of the good aspects of both would be best.

Since you've lived with both Communism and Capitalism surely you can see that a blend of the good aspects of both would be best.

Not really know what real Capitalism as told you before... Btw ad to hear you will get 50% up in Taxes there in Canada... Here they talk about it, also funny in the video say the same I say about capitalism, free market and Comunism (left) https://steemit.com/news/@joshsigurdson/canada-s-being-taxed-out-of-existence-trudeau-raises-taxes-again
When the govermment get in and start to regulate f*ck everything because it goes always into the centralization (Monopoly) that is what you have now...

And I will do not talk about the Bill Gate stuff, in the end you understand what you want... I can see it. It is ok, you are free to.

Cuba had beacuse it does not exist anymore good health care govermment funded... Do you know how much I got every month as salary... and I have a good job? Well, 14 dollars per month! So do not tell me I should live like a shit, eating shit just because the health care and the education is good(also education is not good anymore, not teachers, not well paid job, 12 dollars per month, so people do not want to do it)... what I can do with that?
Someone very intelligent says that you should see how people move to se how good a place is and how well work the system implanted... if people move away of a place, it is not good at all... and Cuba is out o a complete generation, my generation.
And I am afraid because the world is going in this direction... all centralized like in Cuba... you should submit everything to the group... Ignoring complete how Humans are.

Looking forward to see you using the Blockchain from the European Federal Reserve... StupidMonkeysCoin (do not take the name personally, is a joke I use when someone talk about govermment, bankers and blockcahin together)will be call for sure? Complete centralized and everyhting is there, everyhting you own and it had value... nothing will be a secret for the Blockchain.. controlled by the bankers :P

Most everything is already centralized, moving it to a centralized government or bankers blockchain, as opposed to the databases the data is currently in, wouldn't really make much of a difference. Indeed, some government services would benefit greatly from a blockchain type database, medical records that are up to date, accurate and accessible at any hospital would be fantastic!

You don't have to be scared just because it's government! There are good and bad governments though.

Real Capitalism is not centralized... but Comunism and Socialism are for they nature... The systems we are living actually are more near to Socialism and Comunism (something I do not recommend to anybody) than to what you can call Capitalism or Contractualism how was called originally....
If the govermment is more near to Socialism or Comunism.. it is not a good govermment at all.

Real Capitalism tends towards centralization as larger companies acquire more and more capital, it's a societal system in which those who control the means of production control society. Some socialist aspects of government are necessary and quite good: Universal Health Care, education, roads and other infrastructure.

Humans are multifaceted beings no one "ism" is going to work if taken to the extreme, none of them take into account all of the different ways humans interact.

Real Capitalism tends towards centralization as larger companies acquire more and more capital

This is not true, the free market will kill you the momment you intend to do it.. can happens just with lobbysm and regulations from the govermments that helps to grow the monopoly (they get paid for it a lot of money)

Humans are multifaceted beings no one "ism" is going to work if taken to the extreme, none of them take into account all of the different ways humans interact.

I am 100% agree with you i this

Universal Health Care, education, roads and other infrastructure.

all this free stuffs have always a cost at the end, in Cuba was that you should be agree with the govermment in everything, if not, forget about to have anything of this advantage, and forget about to have a live there... here in the "capitalist" countries you paid taxes, a lot of taxes, even for things you do not need or will never use in your live but others (sounds a lot like communism to mee) and you are not asked for, it is obligated... If you do not do it can loose ur freedom... this sound good to you? really?

Also now you are paying with civil rigths and liberties you had before and not anymore... hmmm no thank, I do not want your free everything, I will pay for it, it is not a problem

In one way or the other I will be obligated to work so.... I preffer to see the fruit of my work ;)

It does not have nothing to do with all this but... Do you know this man?

I do not know if you are german... just wondering because of the nickname.

And do you not get at least a bit scare to see the relationship with the Blockchain and the technology around it and this family of corrupt bankers? Really no? Well, maybe you live in Wonderland :D

Everything in this world is a theory of conspiracy !!

Not really! hahahaha :D

I know :) thanks for stop by and comment

My pleasure :D

She must be having these traits from her parents through genes otherwise it will be very difficult for a woman to speak like this.

Womans can speak better than her, my mother is a good speaker in public for example, 100 times better then this woman in the video ;)

100 times better then this woman in the video

lol, you're absolutely right! ihr vortrag war für TED-verhältnisse wirklich mies.

She is pretty bad, looks like she is hearing what she has to say before saying it. She is there just because of her family name ... just bussines :P

Mommy issues, @juanmiguelsalas?

Also, the plural form of “woman” is “wamen”.

Women! not wamen @oleg326756... not at all.. my mother was a spanish profesor in the University so... yes, speak spanish in public (my mother language, not english) better than this woman in the video speak english... and I know a lot of WOMEN who do it better than her too.

PEWDIEPIE video? Really? :D hohohohoho

He’s the highest authority on the grammar rules of English language, isn’t he? ;)

No :P hehehe no but really, the woman in the video (apart of my english and my mother) it is a very bad public speaker... you have to look at her, not so much because she is pretty and hot, that for sure ... but it is something else.

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