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Take your backpacks to go to the end of the world

It can be the magic of a country rich in species, bathed by rivers and seas, and embraced by all the climates.

The end of the world in Colombia is not an apocalyptic scenario. It is perhaps the only end of the world where life begins: The birds fly free, all the greens of the plants converge, the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest Connect with nature and the water, abundant and pure, sprouts with the force of the Virgin jet that expels the mountain to fall in an abyss of 75 meters.

This cascade, lost among the mountains that separates snot from Villagarzón, can be the best kept secret of Putumayo, a department of Tropical humid climate.

They sell drinks, rent horses for those who do not feel able to walk up and rubber boots so as not to get wet on the road.

It says that before the entrance to this area was free, but that the people were lost in the labyrinths of the forest. Now, visitors can only pass if they are accompanied by a guide.


The ascent begins calmly. Some threads of water glide through those flat, symmetrical stones of unknown origin. A sudden rain is transformed into a downpour and causes the cold drops to slip through the trees, as if it were a broken parasol.

It is a refreshment to alleviate the hot that causes the moisture of the forest and of which few are saved, because as the people say: ' If you come to the jungle, be prepared because it rains because it rains. '

The next stop is the waterfall of the Almorzadero, with waters up to three meters deep. On one side, tucked under a huge miss whose ' Gateway ' is a refreshing water curtain.

Four kilometres of crossing end where the mountain disappears. The water finds no more ground towards the horizon and falls to a vacuum of 75 meters. It's the end of the world. And in a mirage, right in front of a new world born with the green rug of the Serranía de los Churumbelos, which extends through the departments of Caquetá, Cauca, Huila and Putumayo. In the background, a couple of streets and houses let the Booger see.


Cannons and more water

The strange shapes of the rocks show traits of animals: the mouth of a lion, the nose of a bear, the claws of a puma. All these silhouettes have been formed by the water, say some residents of Putumayo. Others claim that their particular figures, their grayish tone and their porous surface are the product of volcanic activity of the past.



Where to sleep?

Lodgings like the Tourist Inn Dantayaco, a few meters from the path to the end of the world. The ecotourism agency Putumayo offers plans to know the end of the world, the canyon of Mandiyaco, the Salto of the Indian and other attractions of the region.
-Huaca Huaca Hostel, on the path leading to the end of the world. -Hostal Casa del Rio, in the middle of the road between Villagarzón and snot.


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