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RE: Why do we like much more the music from our adolescence years than the one playing these days? Dare you to see if you can tell my adolescence years ….

in #life4 years ago

Speaking for a lot of generation Ys. I am 29, and I hate the music I hear on the radio and these young artist. They have little talent but most importantly they have no message. Now, I do like rap an booty shaking music just as the next person but I want to be motivated to live another day. Talk about social issues, political issues something other than money and how's. I listen to the 90s music and gospel that I grew up listening. I am glad I am not growing up with this new age music because they have no standards. A lot of those kids don't even respect their elders that came before them and opened the door for them to even speak in front of a crowd.


perhaps technology is making it shorter for ideas to get out there .... past years songwriters use to spend days if not months figuring out a tune ... today you play electronics and within the hour you are leading a concert ...

No. That has nothing to do with content and having something important to say

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