Back after a long hiatus... now what to write about?

in #life4 years ago

Well, after a couple of months of hard work and dealing with tons of unnecessary bullshit, I finally have time to grace the blockchain with my witty commentary and voluminous knowledge of controversial facts. However, after all this time, I'm not sure what to write about. Should I do another cynical breakdown of the news from a wizard's perspective? Another expose of previous scandals? Perhaps I should prattle on about esoteric magical theory. Or I could write about blockchain news and/or development. I just can't decide. I think I need a little inspiration so I'm going to put it out there for you all to help me decide. What do you, my loyal followers, want to see me write about? How can I benefit you with my unique perspective? Any ideas? Let me know in the comments.


Ha-ha:) I saw this owl a lot in artist's mems:) Lots of fun stuff:) Seems like it's applyed to all creative professions!

What's not to like? It's an owl with a bored, cynical look and a cigarette. Endless applications for that.

what works for me is to write about what interests me at any given moment.

I haven't been focused in about two months now (of course, I was traipsing all over the state, but still...)

Yea I think all the things I brought up might do well... just gotta do it. Mainly wrote this to break the ice.

yup, gotta get the fingers limber again LOL

Fingers are great... been doing lots of coding. It's the talking to people rather than machines I have to warm back up to.

oh man, I do understand that, I am pretty introverted myself

just jump in and start talking; don't sweat lack of replies, misunderstandings, or offending people...I mean don't troll em, but lot's of people get upset on certain topics, and you can't help that

sociability can be considered like a muscle for us, we gotta exercise it or its gets weak ;>

Yes, I can definitely relate to that