Put cryptocurrency aside for a while, take a walk with me to the Botanic garden. 币市的烦恼搁在一边吧,我们去植物园散散心。

in life •  last year


I know many people are sad today because crypto market's crashing. But we get more things in life to do. In my city there's a nice botanic garden. I believe in the summer, nothing can be better than a walk in the botanic garden. After seeing all the colorful flower, having some fresh air, I hope you will find better.








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Good photo😳


Thanks 😊

Good photo end post you.nice


Nice pictures. I remember I use to come for class trips, It was a lot of fun




谢谢啦 😳

you just have to stop and smell the flowers once and awhile :)


hahaha indeed, thanks!

That is very nice! Have you ever been to the Orchard Conservatory at the Majestic in Kuala Lumpur? Highly recommended :)

I will be posting some really stunning nature photos to my blog @traveladdict in the next few days, check it out :)


I've been to KL but never the Orchard conservatory. Thanks for the recommendation, next time, I will check it out.

Beautiful! This looks like a great place to go!:) Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89



Thanks, your post is lovely too.

我今天也很乖的到健身房報到了 ~


你提醒我也应该去健身房了,两天没去了。不过我刚刚在家跟YouTube学跳Shuffle Dance. 虽然温度不高但是没空调还是满头大汗。


有動就OK了, 有時候下雨我也很懶得出門,恨不得家裡有健身房阿~ :D

Cool Post/message ;)


Good idea to throw away the boring day..
Enjoy the life..


Thanks, enjoy your day too!




Love the concept, love flowers! And I'd love to wander in this garden, breathing some fresh air..Here in Perugia is so hot. I'm melting :D


hahah here is around 26 degrees but without airco, it's still warm.


I think here it's around 33 now :D



最好的办法还是坚持写。昨天币圈跌了很多,但是这两天Payout肯定又会涨回来。你好看的照片那么多肯定有可以写的 :P

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts.

Up-voted :-)



Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Fantastic photography! I hope to see more from you.


Thanks for visiting, I will keep writing and sharing more. I always enjoy reading your articles too!

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