The Real You, Please Step Forward

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Most of us think and believe that we know who we are and understand what makes us happy and what makes us mad.

But there can be so many incidents that make us say and do things that purely throw us off. We end up asking ourselves: "It can’t be me who have said/done that." So the very next question that comes up would usually be, “Do I really know myself? Do I really know who I am?” You can be wrestling with the “you” shown to the world and the “you” hidden in yourself. The way you show to the world for so long that you have long started believing that it is the real you. You have forgotten the one inside you is the real you, even though over the years that “you” may have be suppressed close to nothing.

The cause for us to put up a veil facing outward can be reduced to one word: Fear. The motivation to put up the mask is the fear how the world would receive the real us. We know what people expect of us, so we perform the way they expect to see, which could be far from the real us.

Put down your fear. Put down your mask. The real you is more important than how some third party of people view you. Those people come and go. The one who always stay is you! The real you deserves to show up. Give it a chance, starting today!

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