El Salvador

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I have not posted in a while since I got to El Salvador because I'm busy with soccer and want 100% focus. I'm not going to be on steemit as much as I used to but will post whenever I have some content to post 👍


These are our bananas that we have in our garage waiting to turn yellow. Some at the bottom are pretty much ready 👌


This is my dog Layla guarding the house


This is my mini basketball hoop and ball that I play with a lot. Whenever I feel like it I just shoot some mini hoops in the garage



This is my current teams game jersey. I play in a professional youth academy team named FAS. I'm number 19 which was pretty much just given to me and I really like the number and will probably stick with it. I've had numbers 14 and 11 but now I am number 19


This is our garage where we have some boxing bags to train and I also used the garage to train soccer on my own since there is quite a bit of room. Other times when I need more room to train I go to a soccer field that is like 5 minutes away from my house


This is my room where I have Barcelona pictures and towels on the wall and also some old hockey posters that I had when I was younger and used to watch hockey. I pretty much stopped watching hockey after Vancouver Canucks lost to Boston in the finals a few years ago


This is our backyard with a lot of trees which is awesome because it gives us shade whichever is super necessary in El Salvador since it gets really hot. We also get coconuts from the trees which is super good for hydration and a good recovery drink for soccer


This is the FAS stadium where the pros train and play. It's currently under construction because they are fixing the entire stadium and makin a new field with under ground sprinklers and they are painting the whole stadium


I'm exited for when the field is done. This is my future stadium where's I play 👑😀


That's pretty much it for the post. Enjoy and have the best day ever. 🏅👍

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Awesome post @joordanzzz.
I love how you shared about your life in El Salvador.