Everything is awesome, including Steemit!

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The other Stormtroopers were dumbfounded by Franks willingness to do something so stupid as photobombing Vader...

Haha! Stormtrooper photobomb is now a thing!

I made that thing. I took some Lego minifigures and just started setting them up on a slab of marble that I found in my front yard. The marble was from a friend of mine who messed up on his countertop and had an extra piece. I took it inside and for the life of me I couldn’t really think of a use for it. Until I saw the reflection of my Christmas tree lights glint off of it. It would make the perfect palatial floor - but minifigure sized!

So I set to work trying to figure out a shot. I wanted to use Star Wars figures because I haven’t really shot them much. One thing led to another and this shot is the result.

I am really grateful that my Bro @talkingtree introduced me to Steemit. I have been focused on and enjoying toy photography for nearly two years. I have built a social media following of over 60,000 people. 20k on Instagram and 40k on G+. I don’t consider the communities I have built there as a waste of time because I truly have made some good friends.

The problem with those platforms is the centralized companies who are utilizing people’s creativity as a commodity. That’s just messed up. We see thes companies that are validated in the billions of dollars - and what gives them value? We do. The actual content creators who take our time and talents to share with others. The actual artists and bloggers who create new ideas and are familiar with the creative process.

I feel that IG and FB are the biggest culprits of basically stealing creativity from others and then demanding that the creators pay them to distribute it. It’s a backward model but it has paid Mark Zuckerburg big time.

Well now it’s time to turn the tides. Steemit is awesome. To be paid for your time and effort when you spend time being creative is one of life’s most fulfilling endeavors. I don’t write a whole lot on other platforms - I mainly just post an image and a few words because I don’t have time to waste on something that only compensates in likes or measly thoughtless bot comments.

I feel a huge difference on Steemit though. I actually have a reason to take the time and effort to build this simple blog of mine into something great. Something that people can enjoy. Something people can laugh at. Something to brighten folks days. That has always been my goal from the start - and to now see the potential to have a platform help make that come to fruition is awesome!

Thank you Steemit and fellow Steemians for taking time to read and enjoy my ramblings.

What awakens the creative drive in you?



😂 it's so funny :D

Glad you like it! :)

Hey what is your lego Instagram accounts name? I'd like to follow you there as well. (I'm drakmin on instagram too and have Lego stuff...)

Hey drakmin - I'm @joecow on IG as well. I'll follow you there too! Glad theres some LEGO officiandos on here. :) Can't wait to get the hang of this Steemit stuff.