FIND Your "WHY". Do You Know Your "WHY?"

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Do you know your "WHY?" We all should know our "Why?" especially when we have a dream. When we don't know our "WHY?" it is almost impossible to be successful because your "WHY" is the motivation behind your dream.


Your "why"is the purpose that motivates you and reminds you to stay on the right track. Your "why" is the vehicle to your dreams and success through all the trials and tribulations of life.


Do you know your "WHY". I think that is a question we all should be asking ourselves to really get a closer understanding of our purpose here on earth.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday, and wish you all a wonderful Sunday.

Love @joalvarez

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Yes if we know the "why" of thing we will be able to understand and will get a solution when problems arise @joalvarez :D

Absolutely, my dear friend.
Have a wonderful Friday.