Science says: To be a millionaire, you do not miss talent.

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The distribution of wealth is used to follow the pattern 80:20. A new study demonstrates that the one who gets the most is not the smarter.

The distribution of wealth follows a pattern known as the 80:20 rule, which refers to 80 percent of these belong to 20 percent of people. Moreover, last year an Oxfam report revealed that the fortune of the eight richest in the world is equivalent to the 3,600 million poorest.

This distribution usually occurs in all societies, regardless of their scale. The pattern was widely studied, but in the case of wealth it becomes really controversial. Why do so few people have so much money?

The most common response is that it is a meritocracy in which the smartest are rewarded, the ones who try harder. But the reality is that luck has a considerable impact.

Still, when it comes to the reward for work, some earn billions more times than others, but these are not necessarily more talented. The new model manages to accurately reproduce the distribution of the real world, the millionaires, although they must have a minimum of talent, are the luckiest who accumulate the greatest fortunes. "The most successful never matches the most talented. It is evident that most successful individuals are also the luckiest".

What you think? Do you agree with this study? If you know the case of a millionaire who considers that he has no talent, tell us why he considers it so...

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Great and valuable post sir. Firstly, I want to appreciate you for sharing this post with us. Very informative and helpful for everyone.
Thank you so much for sharing this post. ☺💚


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@jmhb85 But another factor is persistence. A classic example is KFC. If you learn from your fall without giving up you have a better chance to become successful I think.


You are right @bhaski, persistence is a friend of success. I firmly believe that if you want something with a lot of enthusiasm and you do not stop working to achieve it ... you will get there when you want to do it.

That research is a joke.

The world's wealthiest created businesses; most people just do jobs provided by those businesses.

Buffet has his money due to sound investments. BEST investor
Bezos has his money because he created the world's most dynamic business. BEST businessman
Ellison has his money because his company (Oracle) provides B2B software to countless companies. BEST ERP visionary

... All these guys are the best at what they pursue and do.

Now, if you go to the wealth amassed by singers, actors, and models, then that is pure luck. For each one that acquires the role, there's tens of thousands with equivalent ability and thousands more with better ability.


Hi @hatu, Very good your point of view of who achieves it by own effort vs who achieves it by luck in the life.

I think the word "talent" is somewhat subjective. For example people will say the Kardashians have "no talent" but I think they have the ability to gain the public's attention. Now does one consider that a talent? Maybe not but no doubt it has resulted in an empire for the Kardashians.


You said it yourself, ability and I add skill, maybe for those reasons "whatever it may be" but valid, they developed their fortune.


No estoy de acuerdo con este estudio, todas las personas multimillonarias son extremadamente talentosas, solo que todas las personas tienen diferentes talentos, un ejemplo cásico es el de thomas alva edison y nikolas tesla, es indiscutible que tecnológicamente tesla tenía un talento insuperable, su proyectos totalmente futuristas para su época, pero jamás entendió el mundo de los negocios, mientras que edison tenía un talento tecnológico inferior termino millonario ya que fue más astuto para los negocios