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Google on the day of its birth November 22, 1859, pays homage to the first Argentine physician.
Her traditional Doodle in honor of Cecilia Grierson, first Argentine doctor, doctor, writer and defender of women's rights. Another famous person from my country.




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I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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Excellent post. The physician with the child is a touching picture. Beautiful in a way, very sad in a way. ♡

They are doctors of the group without border doctors, these doctors live a tragic life, only live for the sick, when resolving a critical situation, far from rest they go in search of a new place to provide hospital help.
I wanted to take advantage of the woman doctor's day and pay tribute to these unconditional doctors.
I appreciate the support that gives my work many thanks imi great friend @michaelstobiersk

They are very dedicated professionals. They deserve acclaim. (And so do you for posting it my friend.)

Thank you very much

I tip the hat to those willing to heal others. Especially if they travel

Are really amazing. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting my post

Your welcome. Steemit is my go to page now, just have to remind myself to interact more

Thank you very much, I'm going to follow your work, vote to your publications, I'll have to stop to leave a comment


Thank You, My Friend. Posts like this , teach us more about the world we think we know.

Many thanks my friend @awgbibb, for his words

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Many thanks to you @screenname and all your team for trusting and supporting my work

Qué bonito homenaje....


Muchas gracias mi gran amigo!