The Petals of Rhodochrosia, Legend Diaguita

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Long ago in the glorious era of the Inca community, in Lake Titicaca was built the time of acllas for the vestal virgin women of the Inti.

Every year the moon and the sun were invited to attend a great meeting to bless the lands, ensure a good sowing and witnesses who would inherit the responsibility of enduring the royal blood, a very important celebration for the Inca people, where They venerated and thanked the gods for their intercession for a good harvest.

The temple was well known for hosting the most beautiful virgin women in the kingdom, one day the courageous warrior Tupac Canqui made the decision to enter the sacred temple disputing the Inca traditions.

It was there that fate did its magic, acting in a mysterious and capricious way in questions of love, the brave warrior met the beautiful Ñusta aclla at that very moment without being able to defy the actions of the destiny they fell in love with.

The beautiful virgin corresponded the love of the valiant warrior conscious of breaking the laws of the Tawantinsuyo, which ruled for the chosen priestesses.

After having broken the laws they had no choice but to flee the temple, together escaped south to protect the child who carried the beautiful Ñusta aclla.

Soon the news reached the highest authorities Inca, without hesitation organized groups of armed warriors to punish the roasts in breaking the laws of Tawantinsuyo, fortunately for the couple the warriors could not find them.

The warrior Tupac Canquí and the vestal ñusta aclla settled very close to the Salt Flats of Pipando. The couple of lovers had many children formed the diaguita people. But unfortunately the couple could never destroy the curse of the Incan sorcerers.

The beautiful Ñusta died, her body was buried on top of the mountain, the brave warrior could not bear the death of his beloved and died of the enormous sadness he had.

In an expedition, an Andalusian envoy revealed the tomb of the beautiful Vestal Ñusta aclla, he could not help but be surprised when he saw the blooming of the stone of the sepulcher, petals of blood.


When he came out of his astonishment, he saw that there was something magical and mysterious in front of him, he took one of the roses to present the sovereign Inca.

After long days and nights, the Andalusian envoy arrived at the palace of the Inca king, he brought with him an exotic and mysterious offering, the discovery was received with great emotion.

The sovereign Inca accepted the rhodochrosite flower, finally with his pardon could break the spell of the witches that had on their heads the couple of lovers.


From that act of forgiveness, the Tiahuanaco princesses used as cherries the pieces of the Inca stone, as a symbol of peace and love.


I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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