Family Beneficiaries of the Hope Family Program

in #lifelast year

God's plan is far more beautiful, not knowing what will happen for tomorrow.

Symbolic Activities Labeling the Beneficiary Family of the Hope Family Program and the Basic Needs Program in Suka Makmue Sub-district which is centered in Kuta Padang Village on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 is a final agenda for Drs. Muhajir Hasballah as Head of the Nagan Raya Social Service with PKH HR friends and TKSK.94cj1z.jpg

Thank you for all the guidance and direction given so that PKH Nagan Raya will be better.

Hopefully wherever you are always bring goodness and change towards a better and we wish you success always.

Sorry, too, sir, if all this time there were shortcomings and mistakes to us.8t3oez.jpg



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