My opinion & attitude toward democrats - As an OLD republican

in life •  last month  (edited)

When I was younger, I found it very frustrating to discuss politics with a democrat.

It seemed that the democrats that I've known were almost never open to consider facts and reality. I've come to the realization that their opinions were mostly based on nasty politicians' attacks and false allegations against their opponents, in addition to peer pressure and political correctness.

Its basically been a decades-long brainwashing operation, planned to attain a political agenda... never really telling the people the truth behind their intentions... because if they were honest, most sensible people would outright reject them.

The democrat party and politicians have convinced (and coerced) an extremely-large percentage of Americans to hate republicans. (Orange Man Bad)

They say things like the republicans hate Mexicans. The republicans hate brown people. The republicans hate gays. The republicans hate Latinos. The republicans don't care about clean air or water. The republicans are only for the rich. The republicans don't care about the poor and needy. The republicans don't like women in politics. The republicans hate Jews. Old white males are the problem. And on and on and on. The SHIT never stops spewing from their orifices, high and low!

The problem is, Americans (especially the younger ones today) fall for the false lies, smears and allegations. The democrats have managed to control much of the educational system and have "educated" our children - to their way of thinking. ITS CALLED INDOCTRINATION!!!

So, if you're a republican trying to talk sense to a democrat, you might find it to be an impossible task. Their minds have been made up. Their views and opinions have been locked in stone. Chiseled into granite. Embossed in steel.

It is EXTREMELY frustrating. Knowing that you are right and they are wrong.

As an old retired white guy now, I probably have 10% to 25% of my life remaining ahead of me. I don't have to worry anymore about jobs or a career. I have achieved most of my lifelong goals. The political direction of our country and government will not likely make a big difference to me, at this point in my life.

But to the younger generations, especially those from child to those in their 20's... they will SUFFER the most in the future by going with the democrats. For the democrat party has morphed into an Antisemitic Global Socialist Party.

So, if that's what the younger people want today... so be it!

When the children and youth of today grow into their 30's and beyond ... most will be poor, sad and MISERABLE.

And I won't care. Because, by then, I'll be dead and buried!

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