SEX How to Stop Thinking About Other People During Sex?

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SEX How to Stop Thinking About Other People During Sex?

How do we break the habit of thinking about other people during sex? If you would like answers to this, will you please watch the video in this post and leave a like if you find anything that's helpful because if you are like me, getting through this and quitting this habit provides a lot of joy in intimacy, especially when it comes to sex?

SEX How to Stop Thinking About Other People During Sex? #202

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I struggled with this for years.

I remember breaking up with an ex-girlfriend and feeling so bad about all those times that we had had sex and I was thinking about other girls and wishing she was another girl almost the entire time.

I thought after I rationalized it enough that maybe it was just her, that I just wasn't happy with her. What I found is this kept going after the first or second time being with a girl. Invariably, I would be thinking about other girls while I was with the girl at the present moment.

I thought, "Okay, well maybe it’s just a better and better girl."

Finally, I met the perfect girl of my dreams, everything was wonderful and this habit still persisted, and I felt so ashamed of it and I didn't know who I could talk to about it.

There would be things like we would be watching a TV show together, someone would reference this in the TV show about thinking about other people during sex, and it was very awkward for me because my first instinct was to laugh really loud because I understood that and I desperately needed to get it out. But then, I was thinking, "If I laugh too loud, she'll know I'm doing it," assuming she didn't know already.

This was just horribly complicated and I felt like a disgusting person because I couldn't stop doing it.

SEX How to Stop Thinking About Other People During Sex?

What we are talking about here are those compulsive repeated ongoing fantasies.

I'm not talking about a passing thought here or there. What I'm talking about is that interaction, the sex where you are not even really there. You are thinking about someone else a lot or you are wishing who you are with was someone else and you are using that often to help you achieve the best results in the present moment.

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Jerry Banfield

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I noticed I became less distracted during sex when I began practicing mindfulness techniques. Appreciating the now helped me stay in the moment.

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We can always count on Jerry for entertainment...

The grass is ways greener Jerry! 😃😃

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@jerrybanfield your airticle actually, connect to me. I have experienced the situation sometime, Sometimes I just happy to M*** rather than S#x. It's really feel bad. When my partner asked me why I avoid her. It's not like I don't like her but, I just want to be S#x with different kind like in "with cloth, wearing towel, Wearing lingeries etc," But she don't understand me. This is my dilemma how to make her understand my situation.
But any ways I love your article and your blog too. It inspire me to think about my situation and search answer of it.

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you have to use all your focus in smooth motion and relax

This is a good topic to talk about.

It is really an awkward experience to scream another girl's name in bed while doing it with your girlfriend or perhaps partner. This is an outright deviation from the norms which can cause a relationship to crumble. You may sound weird to people but really you're saying sense here in the video and it is really happening around us. I will share your video within my community

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Primero que nada es compartir otro tipo de experiencias fuera del sexo para conocerse mejor y compenetrar un poco mas no ir directamente al sexo ayuda a ser mas deseados ;)

Hahaha i love this article i can totaly relate jerry. Wel what me and wife found out that works was actually to put bigger mirrors in the house which helps to watch yourself having sex from other angles and makes it fun. Then the other trick was to cosplay🙌😎💥

Jerry, Clearly porn addicted

I thought you were a marmite miner :D