Mother-Daughter Day Trip - Part One

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My Mom had saved up her birthday money to plan this little trip for us. We came to Cincinnati, Ohio because she had heard me talk about the Butterfly Exhibit at Krohn Conservatory that they have annually for years. I had previously been twice and she loves butterflies. This years's exhibit was "Butterflies of Madagascar". The exhibit will be closing within the next couple of weeks and it was packed.

I am writing to you, my dear Steemians, exhausted from driving, but wanted to share my travels and some of my photos as soon as I could. My mother does not know how to work a camera very well, but there was a nice couple who offered to take a photo of us after I had offered to take a photo of them with their smartphone. As you can tell, I look like my mother but I get my height from somewhere else in my family. haha.


They were also having a Spanish Exhibit at Krohn Conservatory as well and had a nice display of various cactii from different regions, but it was hard to get good photos as there were too many people not being polite and kept walking in front of me while trying to take photos of the plants since it was a newer exhibit.

Mom and I went to the Butterfly Exhibit and it was packed full of adults and many many children trying to catch the butterflies with cards that were provided since you are not allowed to touch the butterflies. Mom had them land on her several times and I called her the "Butterfly Charmer". While I was trying to get photographs of the butterflies that would stay still long enough on plants and flowers, they must have known I was trying to capture their presence, and as soon as my camera would take the photo, they would tend to fly away before it could get their photo.


We saw so many beautiful butterflies gliding through the air. It was simply amazing and somewhat tranquil, if you could get the excited children yelling out of your head. We didn't mind that though. We thought it was rather cute how they would chase them.


So for now, I am going to get some rest, but I will leave you with a photo of me and the bull that was on display that my mother took. She was able to get the photo without "chopping off the top of my head". And I have an annoyed look on my face! I was having fun, I just have weird facial expressions sometimes! :)


Much love,

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Nice sharing!!!
Good photo!!!


Thank you, suju!

beatiful place. nice pics.


Thanks! It is really beautiful. I wanted to take my mom for years!

Mother and daughter, really cute and adorable picture and the touching thing is, as you said your mother have saved up her Birthday money to plan this trip that's really touching thing. Stay blessed both of you. 🙂


Yes! We have not had a mother-daughter outing in a very long time and it was long past due. We almost missed it as it is ending in a couple of weeks but we were able to make it there this year! Thank you for your well wishes! We made it there and home safely!


Welcome and great to hear these words. 🙂

Good Photo

So beautiful @jennifer78. I like this place.


I wish you could have gone with us @aronnaawe ! I think you would have loved it!


One day I want to visit your country with my family. hopefully.


If you do, I hope to be able to meet you and your family! This place is huge and there are still places here I would like to visit! I hear your country is very beautiful as well! :)