Different Kinds of Roommates. The Series. Roommate 4: The relaxed guy

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This is the fourth in a series of posts about the different kinds of roommates I have had over the years.

Each post will focus on a different kind of roommate.

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Roommate 4: The relaxed guy

After the alcoholic and the scammer moved out we needed another roommate.

It wasn't very hard to find one.

This guy went to church a lot and he was very religious.

He didn't drink much or do drugs or anything like that which was great.

In fact the only thing he really did was work and go to church and lay back on the couch and read books.

He never cooked or spent any time in the kitchen.

He didn't even have a TV so he wasn't making any noise.

He would have been the ideal roommate if we could have kept him for a long time.

Unfortunately for us because of his Christian nature he was looking for someone to help and he felt like we were doing good enough so we didn't need him.

I don't think I'll probably ever find another roommate that was as relaxed and easygoing as this guy.

The relaxed guy was my favorite.

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A good roommate is of the uttermost importance. I also had several different roommates:

At university I shared my room with my best friend. We are still facebook buddies.

This is her on the left, next to me. Don't laugh, it was the eighties:

Later on I shared a flat with an old schoolmate. Although that one ended badly, we are still close. (A boyfriend interfered...) This is her, years later, when she got married:

Then I found the ultimate roommate, and we have been married for nearly 28 years:


What a great reply. I was married for a while and she was a pretty good roommate while it lasted. She liked my money even more than I did though and that create a real problem. I do miss her on occasion but not nearly as much as I miss the money that I used to have back then.

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Thanks for sharing and I love your style very much in putting up the topic