Old School Social Media Junkies in the 21st Century

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As a tech junkie, a graphic designer by trade and a person that keeps relatively current when it comes to all matters technology, I have never had to live with the problem of being "an illiterate" when it comes to computers and tech related topics. So needless to say, what is often self-explanatory to me - is NOT to many people, especially those that fall into the parental generation.

However, having said that... I am more and more (pleasantly) surprised at how the older generation is becoming increasingly tech savvy - in fact... I would go as far as to say that they actually really enjoy all the benefits of it - (although few would admit it)...lest their children forget that they walked a million miles to school, raised several children, worked a full time job, made home cooked meals, packed lunches and still managed to do all the housework. ;)

Personally, I have watched my mom evolve from the state of approaching a computer in fear of the fact that it might explode should she press the wrong button to now updating her Facebook status daily, sharing her art student’s paintings and now even venturing into the realm of Pinterest!! (She even has both apps as well as her email, on her phone now... and noooo...I had noooothing to do with that). ;)

I know there are many people who are incredibly "anti" social media... but no, I am not one of them...

"Hi, my name is Jayne and I am a social media addict" - Just Saying

I love everything about social media and online networking. I work it and "juice it" for everything it is worth. Do I appreciate conscious time away from it? Absolutely yes. Do I ever wish it to be removed from my life? Unquestionably, no!

My reality, as a designer and mom is that outside of my hours in front of the computer... I am pretty much EXHAUSTED and whilst a good "Razzle Dazzle night on the town" is great from time to time... I do find that these days I simply don't have the energy for it (or the inclination to deal with the after effects. Lol)

Dinner out or with friends and being in bed by midnight has definitely hiked it's ranking on the ladder of priorities. Haha!

With that in mind it makes a lot of sense (to me anyway) that the older generation would get GREAT pleasure from the convenience which social media and technology offers.

As we ALL know... getting older comes with a whole truckload of time consuming responsibilities and "popping over" to your friends or family as frequently as was done back in the day, is often not an option anymore. Never mind couples having to make date nights in order to get some quality time together, friends too are faced with a similar agenda.

Technology offers the solution to that problem. No it does not replace one on one contact - but it does offer "compensation". Mom's, Dad's and even Aunts, Uncles and grandparents now have access to a million pictures which tell the story that is "our lives" (and we all know how much grandparents love photos hehe. )

My Aunt is the biggest (older generation) social media junkie I know...hehe... In fact I think she might even trump me (only just.lol) she is on basically every online platform known to man... (except twitter Aunty Dor... you are slacking up there ;) )

I think it's fantastic!! Yes, I speak as a person from one of the last generations to ever have had any "balance" in upbringing... because i grew up with AND without technology... but still, I think it's fabulous that the older generation is "diving in" and enjoying it.

Why the hell not! Life is too short not to enjoy ALL of it!

It's looks to me...like many of them are turning into the addicts they never thought they would be. ;)

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I wonder what you define as the older generation I am in late 50's and close to retirement and would like to think I am fairly tech savvy mind you I know some of my friends are less so :)

Well I suppose I would be referring to people my parents age group :) (She is 68 and my dad is 70) - I am 36... not 21 like I look... hehe KIDDING!!! ;)

LOL don't worry I wasn't taking offense I was just thinking when reading your post as things advanced when I was younger with the Atari PCs and the like and I was into that and thought my parents were old and couldn't grasp the advances happening and it suddenly came to me my kids have grown up I am a grand parent and even though I am Semi keeping up in some areas in some I struggle like learning about crypto currency and the like and how the tides have turned

And I would have guessed your weren't a day over 20 :)

hahaha! Thanks ;) And nothing for you to take offense at... quite frankly you can keep the 20's and the later I get into my 30's the more I enjoy life. Most of my friends are in their 40's and over and the older the friends, the more they seem to have grasped the spirit and essence of life itself.... ie. screw everyone else and have fun! haha :)

Listen... I would like to consider myself tech savvy too but - My three brothers and boyfriend are crypto crazy and I struggle with that too. lol but learning a little every day :)

If we learn something each day we're doing good I say

true story :)