Count ALL your chickens!!

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Yes life is busy. Yes we all have a lot to do in our 24 hour days. Doing the "mundane" can ABSOLUTELY feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back on certain days... you know... washing the dishes, doing the laundry, packing lunches etc. etc. etc.

BUT - and this is a BIG BUT...

How much would you wish each and every one of those chores back if the people you did them for were suddenly gone from your life forever?! My guess is you would probably give anything to change that and have ALL the chores back in your life again.


Speaking for myself, I have an incredibly mentally draining job as I do creative work in front of the computer all day, as well as estimations, bookkeeping, data capturing, marketing and the general running of a business, not to mention the fact that I have recently made the decision to no longer employ a domestic because my long time regular lady was in a taxi accident (that's a whole different story entirely) and until (and if) she comes back, I am actually sick to death of the laziness of 99% of the people I have attempted to employ. As they say... If you want something done properly, do it yourself. TRUE STORY - BUT - There are many moments when kicking my feet up after work seems a whole lot more appealing than continuing with the list of "house chores”, cooking dinner and packing lunches for the two men in my life (little and big).

In counteraction to my often sheer lack of energy at the end of the day (and occasionally enthusiasm), I very quickly remind myself just how blessed I am to have all these chores to do.... as well as how fortunate I am to actually have a home to do them in, or the fact that I even HAVE clothes to wash and food to cook.

So, having said that... The next time you REALLY don't feel like doing "that thing".... just remember how lucky you are to have those people in your life that you take care of with all those "chores".

Life is about love. Plain and simple. And LOVE (to me anyway) is the giving of oneself.

So.... give, give, give away and remember....

YOU. ARE. BLESSED!!! - Don't forget it!

A blog appropriate track to end off with as usual ;) (and PS. This is not the original... it is from the movie "Across the universe" which is the story about "The Beatles" - Enjoy xxx

​Until next time xxx

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