To You Who Doesn't Have Enough Confidence

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I know the feeling of being afraid to be under the spotlight. I know the struggles of standing in front of people while your sweating and shaking. You're trying to act natural and confident but the truth is your mind and heart is in havoc. I know how hard it is to keep your opinions and ideas to yourself because you are too afraid to voice them out. You think that your points are invalid and their ideas are better than yours. You sufficed to listening to them and chose to keep your thoughts to yourself. But it feels like you're about to explode because you just want them to know what you think.

You're too afraid to share your talents and skills because you don't want to be judged. You're too scared of the possibility that they would think you're not good enough. You don't want to hear their negative comments because you don't want to lose the little amount of confidence that you have. You've always wanted to come out of your shell but you just don't have the courage to do so. Will someone believe in you? Will someone see you beyond your imperfections? Will they admire you for who you are?

If you are reading this, I want you to know that YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON. God created you and that alone is a proof that you are a masterpiece. We were all created unique from each other so don't feel bad if you feel like you're different from anyone else. That is pretty normal. Nothing's wrong with you if you can't be like them. And I'm telling you, you don't have to be like anyone else. You just have to be YOU. The wonderful and beautiful YOU. Don't let anyone make you feel less. You are good enough. Stop being afraid of speaking up. Your opinion matters. Someone will listen and understand you.

Do not mind those who have nothing good to say. They're full of hatred and you should be thankful that you're not like them. Don't allow them to invalidate your points of view. Never let anyone hinder you from showcasing the rare gifts that God has given to you. Some will raise their brows and bash you, but I assure you that there are people who will appreciate and admire you. You just have to believe in yourself. Love yourself a little bit more.

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