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He Suddenly Stopped Courting You

When someone is courting you, you would really feel special and cherished. That someone would constantly send you messages, asking if you've already eaten, how you are doing and if you're free on the weekend. Dating is also another thing that you look forward because he would exert effort to impress you. You get giddy over the romantic places you go to and the romantic things that you do together. At some point you just want to say "yes" and make your relationship exclusive and official. But you think it's not yet time because he still needs to prove his sincerity. You have to discover if he's being serious or not. You are careful with your heart because you don't want to end up broken.

It's okay to take your time even if you're already falling for him. He's the one courting you, so he should be patient enough before he gets what he wants. It's natural for a girl to test the guy first before she gives him her sweetest yes. But what if he stops courting you? What if he grew inpatient and just wants to stop everything he started? What will you do if you're already falling for him? That's what happened to someone I know. She was ready to say "yes" when the guy suddenly wanted to end things between them. He apologised and said that she's better off without him. He said that he's not good enough for her and would only distract her on her studies and would even be a hindrance to her dreams.

She got hurt. She fell for the guy already because she got to know him better. She wanted to be his girlfriend and then he gave up. She tried to understand his reasons but it didn't make sense to her. Maybe those reasons were true. Or maybe he was just making excuses to stop courting her because he grew tired of waiting or he found someone else. Whatever his reason is, she had to respect it eventhough it hurt. It's his decision and she couldn't do anything about it. She can't ask him to continue pursuing her because she was ready to give him what he wants. So, if you're in a similar situation, you have to let that person go. I know it hurts. Why did he have to come into your life and make you fall for him if he would just give up in the end? Did he really have to inflict such kind of pain in your heart when you have done nothing wrong? You were simply thinking about your decisions.

Things happen for a reason. I know that sounds too cheesy and cliché, but that's true. He wasn't meant to stay in your life. He didn't deserve your love because he wasn't patient enough to wait for you. If he found someone else, then he's DEFINITELY NOT worth your love. He doesn't deserve a spot in your life as your boyfriend. You deserve someone better. And I assure you, that "someone better" I'm talking about will come to your life at the right time. That person would make you feel loved and would be patient enough until you decide to give him your heart. You just wait and see.

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