About to Board Our Flight to the UK to Celebrate the Life of My Amazing Mother-in-Law

in life •  last year


This is my first post ever from my phone using eSteem. Hopefully the image doesn't stay upside down after posting.

We're about to board a flight to the UK to celebrate the life of my amazing mother in law.

My wife's parents were just with us in Australia six months ago. The final few days of their trip she began to feel unwell. After returning home we learned she had an aggressive form of cancer. Last week she passed away.

Life's been a little crazy lately but hopefully I'll be posting more frequently soon.

Time to switch phones off. See you on the other side.

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We should always celebrate the lives of our loved ones. Remember them for what they were and they taught us. My deepest regret for you and your wife. I wish you a good trip to your family. Greetings @jasonstaggers.

Safe trip @jasonstaggers . Family is what it's all about.

It's a loooong flight Jason, hope you all have safe travels. Treat your family to some treats on the way... my mother said "memories are made of this".


Thanks lucky. Great advice. Looking forward to some down time and making memories.

I hope you will have a great time and much more as a family and I hope with my heart that no one will go through such a disease again.

sorry for your loss... have a safe trip..

Hi jason I'm sorry for your families loss, and I hope you enjoyed the time you spent together while she was visiting you in Australia. I hope everything goes well and we will see you when you get home, cheers,


Thanks silverbug. We had a really great time with them when they were with us. My mother in law said before leaving it was her best holiday ever. Truly cherished memories.

I leave my condolences for your loss @jasonstagger
This cancer problem hurts our lives.

Safe travels and enjoy!

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Stay safe