Escape The Busy City To A Temporary Island!

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Hi Steemians...

It's good to be back in steemit world.

I was disappear a few weeks because, I was in Camotes the one of the beautiful islands in Cebu, Philippines for vacation a place where I feel the essence of summer and a place where I escapes the haggard and a busy City.

I escapes City to have a blast and to enjoy my summertime because I cannot treasure the moment in the busy City because I have a lot of responsibility even though we have no class.



When I step the white fine sand I was very happy because I'm the one of a lot of people who experiencing the wonderful nature of the island.

I don't waste my every seconds in the island. I value every moments so that time will come when Camotes is known as the wonderful tourist spot in the world and I am very proud that I'll be the one who was there before.

What a clear and cold water! Sounds like great that I've heard from the one foreigner who visited in the island. And I'm so very proud that he appreciate the wonderful nature.

Even though we are under the heat of the sun no one can stop us just to enjoy the temporary time in the island.


While we're going to the mountain together with my friend I was stop when I turned back because I was very feel amazed when I see the wonderful creation of our God, the great nature, the combination of a mountain and a sea. So that I took a picture to share to the world that there's a place in Santiago, San Francisco Camotes., Cebu a wonderful place to live and also sometimes to unwind.

I encourage to the one of you steemians to visit SANTIAGO WHITE BEACH in Santiago, San Francisco Camotes., Cebu and that is located at the north side of Cebu Province.

Thank You for giving time to watch my blog and please don't forget to help me to resteem and also to share to the people that there'a place like CAMOTES>

It's More Fun In The Philippines!


natural photography

Yeah by using my phone. Thanks a lot!

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