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RE: Use genetic profiling to SAVE YOUR LIFE, lose WEIGHT and get FIT

in #life6 years ago

I subscribe to 23andMe; it's quite useful. I find the speed of progress in biotech very exciting. However, I don't believe the nature vs. nurture debate will be settled anytime soon. My novel Ahe'ey explores this theme. Keep up the great work; I look forward to more posts. J.


My personal belief is that nurture / lifestyle has a huge influence and can potentially stop a gene from expressing. In the end, it is down to us to make choices that make the most of the hand we've been dealt. But as @dear.steemy talks about today, we all do that procrastinating thing, so if we know we have greater risk in certain areas, hopefully it keeps us on our toes. And not just lifestyle, but also our belief systems, if you've read Bruce Lipton. Have been loving Ahe'ey btw, and look forward to seeing a new episode each day.

Thank you. I appreciate the kinds words and support. Yes, belief systems are incredibly important. Great to connect with you. Greetings from Sydney. J.

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