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RE: JIHAD | A Journey Towards Nirvana | Episode 5

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Interesting and curious story I wonder if this is the way it is taught in Islam, or there is another impulse to make Islam a violent religion a mistake.


@jamalgayoni Not only Islam but extremism is in all religions.

Islam is a totalitarian doctrine that binds military power and religious myth, unlike the other main world religions its the only one that was pioneered by a terrorist.

The acts of violence in Islam are unique because they were promoted and condoned by their own prophet, the history of Islam is the history of religion spreading through genocide waged by the sword.


Sorry to say brother but do not spread your virus here, at least on my post. How can you forget Hitler, Mussolini?

Don't be afraid to use the flag .. I did. This is classic hate speech right there. No need to even consider the flag in this case.

I could have flagged this comment but I wanted everyone to see and curse this person for the kind of approach he carries. @trumanity

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