Honor parents like a king will be the top of the door of wide open fortune and these are some tips

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Gentle, please help and be kind in language is between the responsibility of a child to every father of his father. The reason is, these courtesies and attitudes are increasingly accentuated in the lives of children now. Not just teenagers, even adults who no longer respect the father getting older and helpless. Obviously this is contrary to Islamic principles and teachings.

Allah has commanded humans to always do good to both fathers and say noble words to them (sura al-Israa ', verse 23). A child is forbidden from saying' Ah! 'It hurts and hurts them again.

So let's begin to cheer up the heart of our father with these tips.

Hearing and Receiving Mother's Advice
Someone who is a good child and hopes for distinction his father's mother must have really heard the words or advice they did not even deny and underestimate their requests and direction.

Talking with Gentle and Not Insistent

Talking politely, gentle and not rude is not only pleasing to your mother, it is even more heart-warming and always makes your father bless his child. The fact that speaking well to them is also a religious demand for all children.

Pray for Father

Do not forget to occasionally pray for them. Please pray that they will always be blessed, blessed by God always and always healthy. Good children are children who always remember their father's mother in prayer.

Giving Gifts and Handicrafts

The father does not occasionally expect any gift from his child. But as a child who tries to be good, give or buy anything to give to them. Even it is the responsibility of the children to provide them with monthly money if they can.

Conducting Their Orders and Requests

Obedient children are the ones who always do whatever they ask and order from their parents while they are not violating the Shari'a and the law. It is very exciting if they find their children obey them. Even though sometimes we also have our own will and opinions, but put their requests first because that's their happiness.

Who else will fulfill their request if they are not their own children?

Contact or take care of them if they are far apart

If possible, stay together with your father, or often go home to see them to find out their situation. By always visiting them we will always know their stage of health and the circumstances of their time. In addition, often contact them via telephone or so. is a way to tighten our relationship with our parents, even our children with their grandparents.

A good child is certainly not going to leave her mother her father lingering without any news.

Bring them on

If you are capable of money and time, bring your mother and father to take a walk, take a vacation or go anywhere they like.

They are tired of guarding and raising us, and this is the time for us to return the favor by giving them enough rest. If it is more capable, let our father fulfill Hajj or 'Umrah, that is the greatest gift the children naturally give to their father.

Keeping Them When Not Seen

The child is a treasure for the father, the child is also a gem, even children are everything. In the childbearing time the child is a friend, as well as at the time of illness the child is a guard.

As a good child, it will certainly be on the mother's side to maintain, care for and accompany the sick mother or father. It is very pleasant for them even though they are not in full condition. Actually that is the best medicine.

Buy their favorite interests

Someone's parents sometimes have their own desires and wills that are sometimes not able to be bought by them. Get their favorite things even though they are not asked. Surely they will like and be happy.

Respecting Their Friends

The friends of the fatherly mother must also be respected and appreciated. This is because they are also part of the pleasure of our father. If we do good and respect them, surely our father is also happy and feeling happy.

Not Doing Things They Don't Like

Doing things that they don't like are things that disappoint them. His father's parents will be angry with the children if they do things that are not good and not useful, such as taking unclean, rowdy, stealing or so on. So be involved in things that upset your father and delight their hearts. Therefore, the joy of the father of the father is our joy too, do nothing to please their hearts.

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