Don't be wrong in dealing with husband and wife

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This is just a story. There is a desperate husband and wife who don't have a baby even though they have sex for four years. They just realized the way they love it wrong after being explained by a doctor.

Approximately couples are aged 26 and 24 years. Their identity must be protected
for privacy reasons. They come to medical experts in the area where they live after they never get pregnant, let alone have a baby even though they have been married for years.

Obstetricians (doctors), were surprised when examining women from the couple who were still virgins, even though they had been married for four years. According to doctors, the couple had been doing anal sex all this time and did not know if it was wrong.

The couple is very young, 26 years old and 24 years old woman. They are very healthy, but even though they have been married for four years, (the woman) cannot get pregnant, the couple's family gives them a lot of pressure because of that.

When asking about the medical history, the wife of the couple told Liu that their sexual activity was routine. The doctor then feels awkward when the woman complains of pain every time she does it.

The complaint was thought by doctors that the woman had some kind of gynecological disease. When examined further, the doctor was very surprised because the woman was still a virgin.

From the complaint, the doctor finally examined the woman's rectum. That's when doctors ensure that the couple is mistaken in intercourse, namely doing anal sex which makes it impossible for them to have a baby.

The doctor then provides a guide to sex education for the couple. The doctor also gave "guidelines" before allowing the husband and wife to go home.

The doctor's recommendation was successful. A few months later, the wife of the couple is pregnant.

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