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Currently a rare and endangered forest tree of Dulichampa Bangladesh
Naturally, Dulichappa was born on the hills of Chittagong and
Chittagong Hill Tracts, the information was contained in J.D. Hooker's'
Flora of British India (1872) 'and' David Plain's' Bengal Plants (1903) '
in David Praine. But in the last few decades, Dulippa was not found in
any mountain in Chittagong division and no one collected any samples,
no information was found.

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Dulippaa evergreen tree. Height is 10-15 meters.
Leafy trees The leaves are large, 20-40 cm long, rectangular,
dark green. Seed and seed cultivation. On the opposite side of this tree
there are ovid leaves. Its flower blossomed solely on top of the stem.
The color of the flower is white, aromatic and 5-8 cm wide.
The flower size is quite big. Its exterior is covered with papas.
As the flowers grow, its petals disappear. Blown flowers have 9 thick
and soft petals. This flower contains many straws.
The ankle of the stomach is blue.
The flower begins to bloom in the spring, at the beginning of the rainy season,
the whiteness of flowers is extinguished.

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