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IMG_20180320_083631.jpgIn this life there are choices we can not miss, there are decisions we've no part to view.
Who we are // what we look like // where we are from // who our parents in this world will be.
Sometimes you just have to take life As it comes, imagine two babies been switched at birth mistakenly in the hospital, one is from rich home while the other is from a poor background, but as the babies grew, it was discovered that they where switched at birth, imagine what will happen, imagine what there faith will be, imagine what the poor child will look like when he discover.
#take life as it comes


Nice post. .
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Take life as it is

From Kryptopia of the same name

That would be a great shock for the two individuals!!upvoted, followed and commented by rubelynmacion of krypto

Very wise words from you today and I will take them to heart.

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Great post @jacobzeema from jason21 of kryptonia

inspirating words kryptonia id @everdope

So true there are things that is out of our control.

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That's wisdom, my friend. Krypt/rockofallages

nice post
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you are a good writer, good job. @ofili2

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Great words and my Kryptonia acount is @ianstevenson

No matter whether rich or poor, life is what we make of it for ourselves @jacobzeema well written thought about being switched at birth.

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