Thailand life - new photos

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On my latest adventure I was in a slightly more urban environment. I also stopped at another market to get some snacky bits and saw a few things I hadn't seen before in a market.


Most of the local markets just have meats sitting around with the other things and a woman will be standing there with a stick with a plastic bag attached to it in order to keep the flies off the meat. I have always been apprehensive of this sort of transaction (and never bought any of it) because the flies are still landing on the meat since that lady can't keep them all at bay and they set in as soon as she is making a sale.

In this market, they have an area that is kept separate from the rest of the market and keeps a lot of the flies out. Of course those wiley bastards are still going to find their way inside but at least it is in fewer numbers.


Thais love gold and there are gold shops everywhere. I think that many people view gold in a similar light to how westerners view the stock market as the necklaces are seen as investments. I just thought it was odd that this gold shop, with $100,000 worth of gold in it, is placed directly behind vegetable stands where items are like 5 cents.


Nearby I found what is likely the saddest basketball court I have ever seen. You are not going to get any help from the backboard here. Perhaps this encourages people to only get "nothin' but net" on all shots.


This last one is on an electrical box of some sort... or it could be telecom. I don't know for sure. The cool thing about this is that this box was previously covered in shitty street tags made by untalented graffiti artists. The city, or someone with some actual talent came by and made this instead, which is a vast improvement over what it looked like before.

And that was yesterday. Again, I strongly encourage people to get out there and explore! Even if you do not live in Thailand you never know what sort of cool things you are going to find out there!