I love this story and decided to share it, is lesson.

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Yesterday while engaged in a noisy dispute with my wife she slapped me.

The few minutes after she struck that blow to my cheek was the longest moment of indecision I had ever dealt with.

Because immediately she did, I saw her recline, I noticed her scared expression, the weight of what she had done. It was there, carved into her countenance. Fear and uncertainty.

Fury, anger and rage slowly seeped into me.

I didn't respond immediately, even if I did, I wouldn't have known what to do. For as I turned, April my daughter was there staring at us.

It took a lot of restraint to stay calm. I don't hit women, but I tell you in the most sincere of truths, that it took me a whole lot of searing restraint to remain calm.

Her eyes were already pleading an invocal sorry. Her legs shaking.

She had never done something as such since we got married. She had never dishonored or disrespected me in such a manner before.

Still brewing with anger, I just went to the wardrobe, picked a shirt and a pant, and left the house.

At the hotel where I had checked in, the time read 11:27 pm.

I wasn't going home till morning. I shouldn't. Because in every man there's a demon and I wouldn't want mine to take control.

It was a Friday, no work the next day. So I'd just allow my exasperation dissipate while here and tomorrow I'd go back to the house.

I had barely slept when a message notification came into my phone.

" Honey I'm sorry, I didn't know what came over me. I would never do that, you know I wouldn't "

It read.

I didn't reply, just turned off my phone screen and went back to sleep.

As I walked into my house the next day.

The door was closed but unlocked, I turned the hinge and walked in.

The sitting room was isolated. Checked on my daughter and she was in her room sleeping.

Then I marched upstairs.

When I opened the door, whatever was left of my exasperation melted. On the bed was Salome- my wife, sobbing.

When she looked up to see who had come in, the face I met with wasn't anything like hers. It was swollen and tired, weary and guilty.

She had been crying all night.

I was no longer angry, all I saw at that instant was a woman who loved and regarded me. A woman who has shown remorse by tearing herself to bits.

I wanted to act untouched, wanted to act like I didn't care. But those swollen eyes that looked up at me, just in a way I still do not understand held me and seized me.

" Come here " I beckoned in a light whisper.

And as I hugged her and kissed her hair, April walked in and joined in the embrace.

  • Steer clear off any spouse that never says sorry'



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It was a miracle you were able to sleep. I wish you both well. Empathy goes a far way.


Thanks for stopping by sir.